Chapter 496.2

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Class assignment.
The next morning, I did morning yoga as usual, and then we made breakfast together.
This morning we made sandwiches from the fluffy bread baked at the Ellisfeed house.
I’m going to fry the bread ears and sprinkle sugar on them for a snack after I get home.
Huh? This noble young lady smells of poverty, you say?
Leave me alone, will you?
Our bread tastes good right down to the crust.

“It’s about time we leave for the classroom.”

Sei said, holding writing utensils in his hands.
I have already changed into my school uniform, so all I have to do now is to leave.

“Yes, that’s right. I wonder if Mariel-san is already there?”
“I wonder… I hope she’s waiting at the usual place, since I didn’t have time to contact her last week.”

As I opened the door of the entrance hall while talking about her, Mariel-san abruptly rushed in.

“Ah!? Cristea-san, what a coincidence! I went to see the class assignments ahead! And…”

I saw that she was gasping for breath, so it looks like she came running.
You can’t run around the campus, Mariel-chan. You will get in trouble if you don’t act like a lady.

“Ah, Mariel-san, we are in the same class, right? I’m happy for that.”
“… Eh? Cristea-san, you knew!?”

Mariel-chan looked startled.
Sorry, I should have told you beforehand.

“I’m sorry. I knew since last week, but I couldn’t find the time to tell you.”
“Ahh… you had a hard time, didn’t you… oh, putting that aside, why am I in the S class!?”

Mariel-san, who was in a half-crying state, drew close to me.

“Eh? I wouldn’t know even if you ask me. I was just told by Teacher that we are in the same class. Oh, he said you did well on the written exams.”
“Eh, I’m glad to hear that… no, I’m not! Isn’t it strange that a mere Baron’s daughter, from a newly emerged noble family, is in S class based on the results of a written exam!? There are more high-ranking young ladies than me in the A class!”


Ah, that’s right… that means the S class is an Elite course!?

“Umm, you two. We are going to be late, so why don’t you talk while we move?”

We rushed to the classroom in a huff when Sei reminded us.
As Teacher Neil had taught us, we took the course to avoid the bulletin board and arrived at the Special class’ classroom, also known as the S-class classroom.
I tried to talk to Mariel-chan on the way to the classroom, but there were too many eyes on us, so we couldn’t talk properly and just hurried to the classroom.

“I… I’m going in first.”

Saying that, Sei put his hand on the door knob.

“Ah! Right, there’s something I forgot to tell you, Cristea-san.”

Mariel-chan drew her face closer to mine in panic.

“Eh? What is it?”
“Erm, she will be our classmate…”

Mariel-chan was about to whisper in my ear when Sei opened the door.
The person on the other side of the door was…

“Alicia Gruzier-sama.”

The actual “Alicia Gruzier” with sparkling blonde hair in vertically curled rolls was looking at us.

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