Chapter 496.1

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Class assignment.
We had been on the lookout for any further activity now that we were back in the dormitory, but it seems that there were no new attacks, probably because the Headmaster had already given warnings and punishments to students who had already done something wrong.
I was relieved.
After that, we were briefed by Teacher Neil in the dining room about our class assignments, and told to go straight to class the next day without looking at the posted assignment chart.
He said this was to prevent us from showing up in the middle of a crowd of students and causing a commotion.
Even though I already knew this, I felt sad that I had to skip the exciting event of class assignment.
Wouldn’t you like to see who your classmates will be?
Well, I already know that Sei and Mariel-chan are in the same class, so it’s fine, but you know…
I hope everyone gets used to our presence and calms down soon.
Right now, they are probably just making a fuss because it’s a rarity to have a Sacred Beast contractor and their Sacred Beasts around.
So we will just have to not let it bother us for a short period of time, I think.

“Then, see you tomorrow. Good night.”
“Yes, good night.”

Teacher Neil said he still had some work to do and wandered out of the dormitory. Thank you for your hard work.
When we returned to our room, Miria, who had returned earlier to unpack our bags, had prepared a bath for me, so I gratefully decided to enter.
Miria understands that I want to take a relaxing bath alone… or rather, I made her forcefully understand, so I can relax.



I washed my whole body thoroughly and soaked in the hot water up to my shoulders.
One of the good things about living in a special dormitory is that I can take a bath by myself.
I heard that the private rooms for the nobles have baths, but in principle, dormitory students use the main bathhouse, so if you want to ask a maid to do something other than basic tasks such as preparing the bath, you may have to pay extra.
That’s why, before the graduation, there are students who offer themselves to work as servants for less than average market price wage. The world is a bitter place.
Still, from the perspective of the commoner students, it seems to be a bit like a worthwhile part-time job.
I was not quite convinced when I heard that this system was put in place so that the commoner students could make a little extra to help pay for their living expenses in a academy that promotes equality among students, but it seems that the amount of money they make is far greater than that of children who work instead of attending the academy.
Besides, depending on how well they work, there is a possibility that they will be scouted for a job after graduation, so I hear that this system, which allows them to make connections with the daughters and sons of noble families, is welcomed in its own way.
In my case, I try to do most things by myself, which is why Miria often lectures me.
In the past, when I was told that I should “rely” on the people below me instead of “using” them, I thought, “I should do what I can do by myself.” But now I understand what they meant.

“… Cristea-sama, you have not fallen asleep, have you?”

Miria called from the other side of the door while knocking.
Oops, I must have taken too long bathing.
After getting out of the hot water, I quickly wiped off, wrapped my warm body in my nightgown, and headed for the living room.

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