Chapter 495.2

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Thanks for your hard work.
Oh, left him with a little bit of leftover Cockatrice karaage for lunch. It’s seasoned to taste better cold, so it’s perfect for lunch.
… Not the time for that. Aren’t the poor Magic Beasts going to become materials at this rate!

“Umm, can’t we take care of them…?”
“Wouldn’t that be impossible?”
“Of course not.”
“Cristea, you cannot cheat!”

As if to add to Teacher Neil’s reply, Kurogane and Mashiro followed.
No Mashiro, cheating is a bit…

“See? The monopolistic desire for the contractor is the same for both the Sacred Beasts and the Magic Beasts. And since those Magic Beasts are weak individuals, they will be taken in by the presence of the Sacred Beasts, and they will end up in trouble.”

Come to think of it, Kaguya is also terribly afraid of Byakko-sama and others, isn’t she?

“But, if it’s just me…”
“Nono, they will definitely get attached to you. Even if they don’t, I think they will definitely be frightened by their presence alone. My kids are the same way. I’m just getting them used to it, but it’s a lot of work, okay?”

… That reminds me, I was marked by both Kurogane and Mashiro, wasn’t I…

“Do you know where they were captured at?”

Byakko-sama, who had finished eating his lunch, asked while sipping his tea.
I thought he was being obedient, but he was eating in silence.

“Err… we should be able to find out the general location of their capture by contacting the Adventurers’ Guild.”
“Then I don’t mind returning them.”
“Eh!? Really!”
“I can use warp magic, so I can take them almost anywhere. The only problem is that if I grab them, they will probably pass out, so I can’t just leave them at the destination.”
“Oh… that’s right. If they stay unconscious, they will become food for other monsters, or they may even die of shock from fear when they are grabbed, so we shouldn’t do this…”

Rejected! That’s definitely a bad idea!
I’m against it!

“I may have an idea for some individuals…”

Suzaku-sama, who had also finished her lunch and was sipping tea, spoke up.

“An idea…?”

Suzaku-sama put down her teacup and brushed back her hair, which had fallen to her chest.

“Yes. We are going to employ them.”

Suzaku-sama is going to employ them?

“There’s a question of compatibility, but… we will use them as our servants and release them into the wild to scout out their territories. If anything unusual happens there, they will tell us, and the rest of the time they can be the same as before, so they don’t need us to take care of them.”
“Oh, that sounds good.”

Byakko-sama nodded his head in agreement.

“S, so there was a way like that…”

Teacher Neil took out a notepad from his pocket and began to scribble. Teacher…
In the end, we couldn’t think of any other way, so we decided to wait and see how it went for a few days before implementing Suzaku-sama’s idea.

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