Chapter 495.1

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Thanks for your hard work.
While I was eating lunch with everyone in the dining room, Teacher Neil came in looking tired.

“Ah~ When you get back from your outing, be sure to report to the dorm supervisor… even though I just got back myself…”

The teacher staggered up to the table, so I pulled out his lunch from the inventory, and Miria quickly brewed some tea and put it next to the lunch.

“Wow~ thanks. I’m glad I didn’t eat enough yesterday or today~”
“Eh, why?”

I wondered if we had received that many invitations to tea parties. If so, it must have been a lot of work.

“Well~… I’m going to tell you because there’s no reason to keep it a secret. There were a few students who brought in Magic Beasts and asked to be transferred to the special dormitory… I had to deal with that.”

If the frontal attack (tea party) doesn’t work, they try something this shady!?
But even if that’s the case, isn’t it a bit too soon to suddenly bring in the Magic Beasts!?

“It seems that the Adventurers’ Guild received several requests to capture small Magic Beasts when they found out about you guys. Geez, they don’t even know how to tame Magic Beasts to contract themselves, so you can imagine that they have no idea how to take care of Magic Beasts they bought.”

Teacher Neil let out a grand sigh.

“When I ask them if they can take care of everything themselves, including securing their own food, I was told that they didn’t want to take care of them on their own, and that I should let them hire a dedicated caretaker for them… When I told them that they were not allowed to bring pets into the academy and that they should either take their pets home or go to the building where my laboratory is located to take care of them, they said they didn’t want them anymore and left their Magic Beasts behind… I was discussing with the headmasters about the disposition of the students and taking care of the Magic Beasts that were left behind.”

I’m sorry you must have had a rough couple of days, Teacher Neil.

“I made the students fill out a boarding request form beforehand, so I know which students abandoned their Magic Beasts. Based on that, we will be punishing the students in question, and the academy will issue a strict warning to their parents. Also, since they were all nobles, I am to give His Majesty a list of what happened and which family they belonged to.”


Uh-huh, if you don’t do that, there will be no end to the number of students who will do the same thing again.

“Teacher, what is going to happen to those Magic Beasts?”

Sei asked in an angry voice.
Certainly, I wonder what will happen to them.
They said, “I don’t want it anymore,” So I don’t think they are going to come to pick them up…

“Hmm, I’d like to take care of them, but it’s too much for me to do, taking into consideration the ones I had before. Even if I tried to find a caretaker, there are only those who want to take them back for their materials. Even if I asked adventurers to return them to their original places, they wouldn’t accept my request, you know. They will just be turned into materials.”

Materials… captured alive and sold to nobles, and they don’t want them back alive, but they are willing to take them back for their material? That’s terrible…

“The children that were left behind are not very strong, even though they are Magic Beasts, so they could be made into pets and kept, depending on their training. Some of them are popular in the Capital because of the quality of their fur.”

Hmm, I don’t think this will end well.

“I could transfer them to students who want them, but that doesn’t mean that those students won’t sell them as material either… if possible, I’d like to return them to their original forest. Oh, this fish, could it be Sharken!?”

The onigiri that Teacher Neil ate was made of finely chopped Sharken. How did you know that?

“It’s yummy. Huh? This meat… is this, Co, Cockatrice!?”

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