Chapter 494.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s go back to the dorms!
In the meantime, we arrived at the gate of the academy.
We passed by a group of students who had apparently returned to their homes in the Capital for the weekend or went to the merchant district for shopping, walking from the coach stop to the academy’s gate. “That’s Duke Ellisfeed’s carriage!” or “T, there! Aren’t those Sacred Beasts!?” Some students shouted out, so we ended up standing out anyway.
When we tried to get off at the gate, the gatekeeper told us, “You have permission from the Headmaster, so you may proceed to the front of your dormitory.” So, we proceeded until the special dormitory.
Normally, it is forbidden to ride in private carriages, except when entering for the first time or leaving the dormitory.
However, it was considered dangerous to get off the carriage in the presence of other students, so the Headmaster agreed to allow us to get off at the dormitory. Thank goodness.
Unlike the other day, there was no sign of people in front of the special dormitory.
There was no sign of Teacher Neil either.
Well, he wouldn’t be waiting outside all the time, would he?
Some students from the boys’ and girls’ dormitories came out to check us out, but they didn’t run up to us.
I wondered if Teacher Neil’s crackdown had worked.

We quickly got off the carriage and opened the dormitory door, from where we watched Oniisama return to the boys’ dormitory.
When I saw Oniisama get off the carriage in front of the boys’ dormitory and wave to me, I waved back and entered the dormitory.

“Kah~ we finally arrived.”

Byakko-sama jumped down from Sei’s arms, instantly turning himself into human form and stretching wide.
Mashiro trotted along beside me… without transforming.
Damn, he’s a cutie…!

“Ah~ I’m starving… hey, Ojou. You are going to cook in a while, right?”

Byakko-sama looked at me with a hungry look while holding his stomach.

“Oh, in that case… I have a lunch boxes prepared by our cooks today, so let’s have that. There is one for each of you.”

I took a basket from my inventory and showed it to him.


“Oh! Great! Let’s head to the dining room right away, then!”

Sei was about to scold Byakko-sama when, “Kuu~”… Sei’s stomach rumbled.
Oh, his face turned bright red.

“What. Aren’t you hungry, too?”

Sei’s iron-ribbed fan found a clean hit to Byakko-sama’s belly. Sei tried to hide his embarrassment so hard, amazing.

“Fufufu, let’s head to the dining room then.”
“… Yeah, sorry, but we will intrude.”

Sei spun around on his heel and strode quickly toward the dining room.
It may be rude to call a boy cute, but it’s kind of funny to see him trying so hard to act like an adult, isn’t it?
I took slow steps toward the dining room, so that Sei’s red face would have time to return to normal.

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