Chapter 494.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s go back to the dorms!
As we entered the main street of the merchant district, it was crowded with merchants and their customers, as the sun was still high in the sky.
When they recognized the carriages belonging to the nobility, they quickly moved to the side of the road to avoid us, but it was not easy to proceed because the road was full of people and carriages.
Slowing down somewhat more than in the nobility district, our carriage slipped into a stop near the Bastea Company.
It was like a toll parking lot in my previous life, but if you pay a fee in addition to parking the carriage, you can have your horses hydrated, fed, brushed, and otherwise maintained while you run your errands.
Since our carriage only stops to pick up Sei, we paid the parking fee and tip to have the carriage guided to a position where it was easy to get out.
I announced our arrival Byakko-sama via telepathy, and he immediately replied, “Got it”, so it looked like we could leave in not too much time.

“I’ll be right back.”

Kurogane said and quickly dismounted from the carriage, heading for the Bastea with gallant steps.
As Kurogane passed, women around looked at his back in admiration.
Kurogane in human form is quite a hunk, after all.
After I absentmindedly watched Kurogane enter the Bastea Company, he returned within a few minutes with Sei and the others.
After confirming that everyone was there, Oniisama told the driver to go, and the carriage started off again toward the academy.

“You were quite fast.”
“Yeah, these guys were waiting at the storefront.”
“The roads will be busy today, so I thought it would be better to leave right away.”

Sei put Byakko-sama, who had changed into a small tiger, on his lap, and let out a breath.

“Were you able to relax this weekend, Sei?”
“Eh? Ah, well…”

Sei smiled ambiguously.
I see… the Bastea Company is also a temporary residence for him, so he can’t just relax and unwind like at home.

“How about you, Miss Cristea?”
“Me? As for me, it was, well… should I say as usual or…”


When I mentioned the Head Chef, not only Sei but even Oniisama looked bitter.

“Tea. If you have any problems, not only in the dormitory but also at the mansion, you must talk to me or Father about it. Is that clear?”
“Y, yes. But he means no harm, and I’m a little sorry to keep him waiting when I don’t know when I will return home.”
“He’s doing this on his own, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you feel uncomfortable, I will advise Father to fire him…”

I hurriedly stopped Oniisama from taking immediate action.

“No, it’s alright! Head Chef is of great skill, and firing him would be a loss for our family!”
“If anything happens, I will definitely tell you about it!”

As a result of my desperate attempts to stop it, the Head Chef was spared from being fired.
I almost ruined the Head Chef’s life because I inadvertently brought it up.

“Miss Cristea, you have a lot on your plate, both at the academy and at the mansion…”

No, in terms of the degree of difficulties, you are above the rest Sei, you know?
Don’t look at me with sympathy while asking how Oniisama is doing, okay?

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