Chapter 494.1

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Let’s go back to the dorms!
Dinner that night turned out to be fried Cockatrice meat.
Since lunch was a heavy meal, it would have been good if it was a little lighter, but… both Otousama and Oniisama seem to enjoy it, so it’s okay.
I think Okaasama ate more after I advised her to put lemon or citrus juice on her fried food to make it more refreshing and tasty.

Okaasama, who seems to eat little as a lady outside the house, eats quite well at home.
Many of the nobles in this world are simply gluttons.
The reason is that if you use too much magic power, you can get anemia-like symptoms, and to prevent that, you eat a lot of calorie-dense food.
Food has some magic power, and monster meat seems to be particularly effective.

When they are children, many of them run out of magic power due to their inexperience in magic power manipulation and do things to increase their magic power, so their meals and snacks are high in calories.
As adults, people are able to control their magic power properly, so they don’t collapse unless it is something serious, but it seems that many of them continue eating high-calorie meals because of their childhood habits.
The reason why ladies don’t eat much outside is because, “I have a husband or parents to protect me at home, so it’s not necessary for me to be that greedy~ ohoho”, they have people to protect them, so they would rather show off their attractiveness to their surroundings.
Well, that doesn’t mean they don’t use their magic power at all, so I think they all eat well at home just like Okaasama…
And so, the fried Cockatrice was quickly settled in everyone’s stomachs.

The next day, after storing the freshly cooked rice and ingredients I had requested from the Head Chef in my inventory and getting ready, I was about to board the carriage to return to the dormitory.

“Cristea, isn’t it too early to go back?”

Otousama stopped me with a regretful look on his face.
The Head Chef was nodding his head in the back, but I couldn’t care less.

“Haah… since Father said so, why don’t we stay until tea time?”

Oniisama said in surrender.

“We left the dorm in a hurry, and when we get back we have to get ready for tomorrow. Right, Tea?”
“Y, yeah. I also have to prepare for the lessons, so…”
“Mu, that can’t be helped then. Return home again in the near future. How about next week?”
“Dear. When we were students, I’m sure we did not return home that often, did we?”

Okaasama chided Otousama.


“Ugh… c, come home immediately were something to happen, alright?”

Oh, he was defeated by Okaasama’s impressive smile.
It’s amazing he still managed to persist…

“Yes. Then, we are off.”

Oniisama pushed me into the carriage, as if he didn’t have any more time for this, and he himself got in after me.
The carriage began to drive slowly after Miria and the others also got in.

“We can pick up Sei’s group near the Bastea Company, right?”
“Yes. We can park the carriage near the store and have Kurogane pick them up at the store.”

It would be too conspicuous and disturbing to the store if we drove up in front of the store in a big carriage with the Duke’s family crest on it, after all.

“I talked with Byakko last night. They should be ready to leave anytime.”

Kurogane added.
Before leaving the mansion, I also informed Byakko-sama via telepathy and told him that I would contact him again when we reached the vicinity of the store, so the boarding process would go smoothly.
The carriage rattled along toward the merchant district.

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