Chapter 331

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I am unwilling to go by the carriage!
“Umu, now that’s decided, shall we go? I will prepare the carriage, so wait for a little.”

Whut? Carriage, you say? Since I was planning to warp there and return back right away, wouldn’t going by the carriage be just troublesome~! No way~! But, it was supposed to be a secret that I can use warp magic, so do I have no choice but to give up and board the carriage?
The hateful carriage mumuu… seeing me frown, Kurogane proposed with a face that was saying ‘good grief.’

“No, there’s no need or carriage. I will take you there by warp.”

Ohh, Kurogane! Well said! I see, Kurogane can use warp magic too!

“However, it would be difficult to warp with so many people, right?”

Otousama said anxiously.
I see, that’s correct too. Warp magic uses magical power depending on the distance and it increases even more with the number of people warping together, so it wouldn’t be good to burden Kurogane alone that much, right?

“I too. Can use warp magic, you know?”

Ah, right. Mashiro has also become able to use warp magic.
… That means, I should pretend to be taken along and warp us myself.

“Indeed, I should ask for your help too, Mashiro. In that case… Mashiro, please bring Galvano Ojisama with you. Kurogane, will you take the rest of us along?”

While saying that, I stealthily spoke to Kurogane via telepathy.

『Kurogane, I will warp by myself, so please take care of Otousama and Tirie-san』
『No, we may not warp at the same place. Lord should just assist me with magical power. Is the cove good for the destination?』
『Got it. Let’s do that』
『The one where the Siren is? Okay~』

After finishing talking, I conveyed to Otousama and the rest to tightly hold onto Mashiro and Kurogane.

“Ufu, is this fine?”

Tirie-san tightly and coquettishly entwined his arms around Kurogane’s left arm.

“Y, yes. If Kurogane has no problems with it.”

Kurogane was making a bit displeased face, but he knew that shaking him off would be bad so he kept silent. I’m sorry.

“Moron. It’s enough like this.”

Otousama placed his hand on Kurogane’s right shoulder while scolding Tirie-san. I indeed wouldn’t like to see Otousama and Kurogane linking arms.

“Fuumu. I find holding onto a Sacred Beast sonny confusingly difficult… is this fine?”

Galvano Ojisama was doing a good job, he was carrying the human form Mashiro on his shoulders.

“Yeah. The view is good, it’s fine.”

Mashiro who was now able to look down on Kurogane was looking happy.
I made sure to hold on Kurogane’s shoulder and prepared for the warp.

“Well then, let’s warp. Is everyone ready?”
“I am readyon.”
“Umu, no problem.”
“Let’s do it.”

I who asked the question nodded to signal Mashiro and Kurogane.

“Well then, let’s warp to the port town’s cove!”

Thus, we have activated the warp magic and warped to the cove.

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