Chapter 330

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Together with a guardian…
… How did it turn out like this?
When I reported that I want to go fishing, Otousama ended up going together with me, you know? A Duke’s daughter fishing is strange if I say so myself, and yet the parent… nai wa~

“Gee, that’s why I said I wanted to go secretly.”
“Isn’t it fine? Lord won’t do anything unreasonable if there’s someone to watch you.”

While I was complaining, Kurogane seemed to be relieved.

“I wouldn’t do anything un-re-a-so-na-ble! Besides, what am I going to do about herding the fish now? If I introduce Siren-kun to Otousama, he will scold me for getting in contact with another monster even though I haven’t even contracted him.”
“…… That reminds me, that is so.”
“Gee-! Kurogane, you have forgotten about him, didn’t you?”

Ugh, what do I do? Herding the fish won’t go smoothly without Siren-kun’s help. Moreover, Otousama said that I have to introduce him to the person in whose care I was… ah, the lecturing course is now inevitable. I got checkmated.

“Shall I swim to herd them?”

Mashiro proposed while peeking at me.

“No way! Sea is different from the shore. I won’t let Mashiro do something so dangerous.”

No matter how many Sharkens Mashiro caught, he caught the Sharkens while they were going up the river. River and sea are two different things. I could feel relieved only with Siren-kun’s help.

“Haah… can’t be helped. If I stop myself from going fishing after coming this far, I would be only unnecessarily doubted. I will catch plenty of fish so that I would feel better about the lecturing and make a great effort to satisfy Otousama with delicious fish as much as possible in order to decrease the lecturing by at least a little…”

Sighing and preparing myself for the worst, I went to bed.

The next morning. I, who was wearing an extra robe with waterproofing and cold preventing function knocked on the door to Otousama’s office… he wasn’t present at the breakfast, so was he perhaps working until the morning… surely not, right? I entered after hearing Otousama’s reply while thinking such.

“…… Err, just what is the meaning of this?”

I stared at Otousama.

“Ah, umm, this is……”

A flustered Otousama with a bad complexion is an unusual one.


“Oh myy, isn’t it fine! I also want to eat sea fish!”
“Umu. Jouchan will surely make something that goes well with alcohol.”

… No wonder. Tirie-san and Galvano Ojisama were there. And they have decided to go fishing with us as well…? Why!? Rather, the office reeks of alcohol! While grimacing, I cast Clear magic on the entire room.
Judging by the situation, Tirie-san and Galvano Ojisama must have intruded in the middle of the night and they had a drinking bout. With a chance of sampling the smoked food, Tirie-san and Galvano Ojisama came to drink with Otousama at night. The two seemed to have brought unusual precious alcohol with them, so Otousama who is extremely fond of drinking wasn’t able to reject. But, even though they cut loose, why haven’t the two returned home the next day…?

“… Otousama?”
“… Sorry.”

I stared at Otousama who averted his gaze.

“Ufufu, he doesn’t have the opportunity to go outing with his daughter that much, see? He was talking about it so cheerfully.”

Tirie-san entwined his arms around Otousama’s arm while grinning. Ah, he has been shaken off.

“We got envious after hearing that. Besides, you can’t readily eat fresh sea fish over here. Sorry, but we think of tagging along.”

Ojisama who was laughing Ga ha ha clapped on the back of Otousama who covered his face and sulked “Ku……”.
Ahh, it’s the face of regret from being too happy and boasting about going out with his daughter, yes… It might be that he couldn’t refuse after being gifted tremendously precious alcohol.

“Is that so… can’t be helped then, let’s go together.”
“Ufufu, as expected of Cristea-chan! Now we are talking!”
“I’m looking forward to it!”
“… Cristea, it was all right to refuse, you know!?”

Otousama was shocked because of me who was his last ray of hope. You shouldn’t boast about it in the first place then… your doting had an opposite effect.
The two accompanying us was unexpected, but it would be more reassuring to have the two nearby when introducing Siren-kun… I think. So I pretended to consent unwillingly.

“I will have you promise though. Not a word to anyone about this matter or Otousama’s name might get disgraced, okay?”
“We know! Besides, nobles who got hunting to play aside, no one would take us seriously if we said that he went fishing.”

Tirie-san laughed foolishly. Gununu, sorry about being a Duke’s daughter who seriously went fishing.

“Cough, l, let us go then.”

To the port town to obtain fresh fish.

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