Chapter 441.2

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The day before the entrance ceremony.
“T, that’s a bit too much, I think…”
“Why? If we don’t explain right from the start, it’s not only you, but other students will be troubled too, right?”

That might be true, but I don’t want to be that conspicuous!

“Teacher, I don’t want to stand out like that. Isn’t that the same for you, Miss Cristea?”
“Y, yeah! That’s right! I would like to be treated equally to other students!”

I raised my opinion to join in on Sei’s remark.

“Even if you say that… The other students are going to make weird guesses, so I think it would be better to make it clear that you are the contractors. I don’t want to see any students die in the academy.”
“Whether it’s the Magic Beasts or Sacred Beasts, they won’t easily forgive those who harm their contractor. It won’t end just with a beating… right?”
“… Well, yeah. We have the duty of protecting our contractor. I wish it could end with kicking them about lightly, but we have no intentions of showing mercy to those who try to harm our lord.”
“Indeed. I have no problem reducing such insolent people to ashes with my flames, you know?”
“Umu. I’m going to tear those who try to hurt my Lord from limb to limb.”
“There’s only pulverization left for those who harm Cristea!”

Awawawa. What a violent thing are you saying!?
I have told you so many times not to hurt people, though!

“… Having said that, it’s not our intention to make our lord’s position worse by doing too much. I would like to see them try with us standing in front, waiting to restrain them.”
“Although I’m reluctant, it can’t be helped.”
“… Mu, I see. There’s no helping it then.”
“If it’s for Cristea, I don’t mind enduring, you know?”

Even though they say such scary things, they are always willing to put up with it for us… Thank you, guys.


“Eh? You Sacred Beasts can’t follow us to the entrance ceremony, you know? It would cause a great ruckus if you did.”

While I was feeling deeply moved, Teacher Neil dropped the bomb.
… Hah? Eh? Even though they all said something so nice just now!?

“At the end of the ceremony, I’m just going to warn the students not to mess with you, the Sacred Beast contractors. So you guys just go up on the stage.”
Just me and Sei? No way, okay!?

“Nonono. Were you listening to us just now? Even though it was going so good just now.”
“That’s right. Don’t waste our determination!”
“I can’t consent to let our Lord go without any protection.”
“We are going with Cristea!”

When everyone voiced their dissatisfaction, Teacher Neil got overwhelmed.

“No, umm, but you see? This many Sacred Beasts gathering in one place doesn’t happen even in the royal palace, so it would cause a great uproar.”
“Who cares. Isn’t that your job to suppress the uproar?”
“Wha, even if you say that…”

Teacher Neil who was being crowded by everyone, looked at us pleadingly for help.
Sei and I looked at each other, let out a sigh, and mediated to help Teacher Neil.

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