Chapter 442

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I can’t help but feel uneasy…
In the end, at the end of the entrance ceremony, we will be the only ones who go up to the stage while, “Don’t mess with these two Sacred Beast contractors. Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble.” is being said about us to warn all the students. Ehhh…?
Just when I thought I had managed to get rid of the stigma of being the Repulsive food eating lady by having my recipes spread to the world, now I’m going to be known as a Sacred Beast contractor?
I have been told that my contract with the Sacred Beasts will eventually get revealed once I enter the academy, and I understand that this is inevitable, but I never imagined that it would be announced on the stage of the entrance ceremony, though!?

“Haah… no one is going to approach me as soon as I enter the academy, so I won’t be able to make any friends…”

I let out a grand sigh in my room while mofuing Mashiro and Kurogane who returned to their beast forms.

(You already have Byakko’s lord and that girl Mariel as your friends, no?)
(Are those two not enough?)
“That’s not it, but… to be able to call only Sei and Mariel-chan my friends even though the academy is full of students, wouldn’t it be lonely if the rest kept me at a distance? Besides…”

Sei, who is also a contractor aside, Mariel-chan might feel out of place around us, so I’m fearing that she will become distant from me because of that.
I can’t help but feel afraid of that happening.
I hugged Mashiro tightly and buried my face into Kurogane’s fur to hide my uneasy feelings.

“Cristea-sama, with all due respect, I don’t believe that is going to happen.”

Miria was unusually firm, so I couldn’t help but look up at her.

“In order to gain an advantage that would help them raise their social status, many people will try to approach you, the Sacred Beast contractor. It will be difficult for you to find someone you could trust fully among them. It’s not only when you are kept at a distance, you may feel lonely when surrounded by such people too.”

I was about to say that it couldn’t be right, but when I saw the serious expression on Miria’s face, I understood that it was really possible.
It’s true that in this country, contractors of Sacred Beasts are often given preferential treatment in exchange for their service.
It can be as simple as joining the royal court as a high-ranking officer, or marrying into the royal family or to a high-ranking noble.
If you think about it, it’s not hard to imagine the number of people who try to approach a Sacred Beast contractor, thinking that if they get involved with them, there might be something tasty for them as well.

“In that sense, it might be difficult to make friends who are close to you other than Sei-sama and Mariel-sama.”

I was supposed to be able to avoid being shunned as the Repulsive food eating lady, but I didn’t realize that I would have to keep people away from me because I was a Sacred Beast contractor.
This unexpected turn of events made me feel depressed about going to the entrance ceremony tomorrow.


“It may be difficult for you to make friends, Cristea-sama. But because it will difficult, the friends you make while you are in the academy may become your fortune for life.”

Maybe I was unintentionally making a pathetic face.
Miria knelt down beside me and gently patted my head.
I had become attached to her from the day she came to our house as my maid and I have considered her my older sister since then, so I always loved having her pat me on the head like this.
After my Okaasama scolded me for setting a bad example for other servants, I no longer acted spoiled around her in public, but when I am feeling down, she would pamper me like this.
Since my memories of my previous life returned and I made a contract with the Sacred Beasts, I have had fewer opportunities to do this.
From Miria’s point of view, I must look pretty depressed right now.
I felt like clinging to her and crying to her, but I have to be strong because I can’t stay acting like a child who will only cry and ask Miria to do something about it.

“Thank you, Miria. I will do my best to make good friends.”
“I am sorry for telling you something that made you even more anxious. However, when I was attending the academy, there were many students who clung to high-ranking nobles, there were many who had distrust of others and kept their distance, and there were even fools who surrounded themselves with followers to increase their power.”

Yeah, even if you are not a Sacred Beast contractor, there will be those who try to take advantage of higher-ranking nobles and vice versa.
I don’t want any of that. I don’t just want to shift from being a Repulsive food eating lady to being a Villainess.

“But I’m sure you will make some wonderful friends, Cristea-sama.”
“Fufu, that would be nice.”
“First of all, you should take care of your current friends, Sei-sama and Mariel-sama. You can’t make good friends if you slight your current friends.”
“Yes, that’s right. Thank you, Miria. I’m fine now.”

When I said that, she smiled, hugged me tightly and stood up.

“The tea has cooled down. I’m going to brew you a new one.”
“Ah, make it a green tea please. I will take out Dorayaki. Let’s eat them together?”
“Oh my, thank you very much. I will get it ready right away then.”

I watched Miria go to the mini-kitchen and slowly got up.

(Cristea, are you okay?)
“Yes, I’m fine. The entrance ceremony is tomorrow, so I can’t stay discouraged any longer. I’m going to do my best to make lots of friends!”
(Lord, make sure to tell us when you have difficulties, alright?)
“Thanks, Kurogane. I will make sure to tell you then.”
(Umu. We will quickly erase the cause of your sorrow.)
(We will eliminate the root of evil!)
“H, hey! Don’t do anything so violent!”

I patiently explained the “things you must not do” from scratch to the two who were as extreme as ever, and had a hard time convincing them since they were “eager” to do it.

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