Chapter 443.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Eh? Is that all right!?
While I was relaxing with Miria and the others over green tea and Dorayaki, the bell rang to announce a visitor.

“Who might it be…?”

The number of people who can enter this dormitory is limited, and Teacher Neil can contact me by the magic phone.
That being the case, the number of people gets narrowed down.
As Miria went to receive them, I was trying to figure out who the visitors were.

“Cristea-sama, it’s Sei-sama with the Sacred Beasts, should I let them in?”

… So it was everyone.
Well, the only one who had wandered into our home alone was Byakko-sama.
When Sei visited, he was always followed by guards, and Suzaku-sama did not come alone.

“Yes, let them in. Also, prepare a cup of tea for everyone please. I will take out more Dorayaki.”

I took out a platter from my inventory and laid out the Dorayaki as I watched Miria quickly head for the door.
Not long after, Sei, Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama arrived with Miria leading the way.

“Welcome, everyone.”
“Miss Cristea, sorry for the sudden visit.”
“Cheers, Missy! Oh? Ain’t that Dorayaki? Can I eat it?… Ouch!”
“Would you stop it, you fool.”

When Byakko-sama found the Dorayaki on the table and reached for it, Sei slapped his hand with an iron fan he had taken out of nowhere. That looked painful…

“N, sheesh! That’s why you are called gluttonous, you stupid tiger… Cristea-sama, I apologize on his behalf.”

Suzaku-sama’s gaze was alternating between me and the Dorayaki while she said that.

“Ahaha… take a seat please. I prepared this Dorayaki for you, so you can eat up without holding back. Tea will be ready in no time, too.”


When I encouraged them, the three promptly sat on the sofa and quickly reached for the Dorayaki.
… You guys wanted to eat it that much, huh.

“Yummzes! You have to eat some sweets too, just as I thought!”
“Tora, you show some restraint. Sorry about him, Miss Cristea.”
“Truly. Stop acting in a way that lowers Lord’s dignity. Sheesh.”

Their hands didn’t stop looking for the Dorayaki while saying all that, though.

“Umm, come to think of it, what about Seiryou-sama and Genbu-sama… ahh!?”

I wondered where they were, and was surprised to see them appear as soon as I mentioned their names.
With the two of them taking a seat on the sofa at their own pace, I hurriedly asked Miria, who just had made tea, for more tea.

“… I’m sorry for my glutinous Divine Beasts…”
“Don’t mind it… eat as much as you’d like.”
“As expected of Missy! Ow!”
“Tora, you restrain yourself a bit more.”

… Sei’s iron fan sanctioned again.
In order to catch up because of their late start, Seiryou-sama and Genbu-sama continued eating without a care.
He looked at them with exhaustion, then turned to me after he had regained his composure and straightened up his back.

“… Ahem. Sorry. There was a reason we visited you… erm, that’s…”

Sei faltered and looked at me shyly.
Eh, what’s with that cuteness?
Isn’t he cuter than me?
Oh, come to think of it, I have lost to O-Sei-chan in terms of cuteness before… Gunuu.
As I waited for his next words, feeling mildly defeated, Sei looked at me as if he had made up his mind.

“P… please teach me how to cook!”

I was wondering what he was saying out of the blue, but when I saw his earnest expression, I knew he was serious.

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