Chapter 443.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Eh? Is that all right!?
“I have never entered a kitchen in my hometown in Yahatul, and I have never cooked over here either. However, seeing Tora, Kurogane-dono and others eat your dishes with such relish, I thought I had to do something about this.”
“Oh my… Lord… what a wonderful thought! However, since we can do it ourselves, there’s really no need for you to be so considerate…”
“No, just the other day, I wasn’t able to help with anything at all. I felt awkward eating carelessly like that. Besides…”
“I’d like to eat rice dishes soon. And miso soup, too…”

Ah~… I see. I continued choosing the dishes delicately and avoided making a Japanese menu because of Teacher Neil.
We can eat it by ourselves in my room, but Sei and others cannot unless I provide them with the dishes.
Recently, I didn’t give them anything since we were eating together, which must have made Sei miss Japanese cuisine instead.

“Right. Rather than depending on me to cook Yahatul dishes, it would be naturally better for you to make it yourselves… let’s cook rice tonight then. And also miso soup. It’s easy to make if you do it according to the recipe.”

When I said that, Sei looked relieved.

“Yeah. Thank you… no, I will be in your care.”

Sei said this earnestly while bowing his head, so I panicked.

“Eh? Nono, I won’t be teaching you something that great! Don’t mind it!?”

Sei laughed cheerfully as I told him to raise his head in panic.

Then we all enjoyed tea together for a while.
During that time, I asked where Seiryou-sama and Genbu-sama were all the time, and they told me that they were either in a subspace-like place, cruising the veins of the earth, or disappearing in the skies to explore the surroundings from above.
They also said that they regularly go to the Dragon God in Yahatul shrine to report on the latest developments.
Heeh~! I didn’t know they did regular reports.

“The last time, my Youkan, was taken.”

Genbu-sama suddenly said with a grimace.
What? Who took it away from you?
I had a bad premonition, and I looked at Sei, who shook his head as if it wasn’t him.
Yep, I thought it was time for Seiryou-sama who is Genbu-sama’s caretak… I mean, who is in charge of translating for Genbu-sama, so when I looked at him, Seiryou-sama laughed with a troubled expression.


“When reporting about Lord’s friendships to Dragon God-sama, we also talked about your cooking, so Genbu showed him the Youkan he had on him when Dragon-sama asked about what kinds of dishes you were cooking, but… he said he was only going to inspect it, and yet he swallowed it whole…”
“My important piece, whole.”

Genbu-sama looked seriously disheartened, so when I handed him the Youkan I had stored in my Inventory and his mood improved, I felt relieved.
… Uh, wait a moment?
Dragon God-sama said he was going to inspect it and swallowed it whole?… The Youkan I made?

“U, umm… I hope nothing weird happened when Dragon God-sama ate the Youkan I made…?”

‘You are letting the next Emperor eat something this bad!?’ I hope he didn’t get angry like that or something.
I’m not going to be punished by a God, right!?
When I asked fearfully, Seiryou-sama looked at me as if he recalled something.

“Ahh… he nodded a few times and said he was looking forward to the next time…”


“N, next time what?”
“Wants more, next time we go report. He told me and Seiryou.”

Won’t give him mine! Genbu-sama said and Seiryou-sama who was troubled asked me, “That being the case… I’m sorry but could you give us something we could take to the Dragon God?”
“Huh? Eh? Umm… Erm?”

Dragon God-sama wants something I made!?
Eh, is that all right? Is this okay?
When Seiryou-sama begged me for anything, I confusedly offered him Dorayaki and other sweets, and then Seiryou-sama and Genbu-sama simply left.
Eh… seriously? I won’t get struck by lightning or something, right…?

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