Chapter 379

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Request for Kurogane.
When I returned to my room, Kurogane who was lying on the ground in his Sacred Beast form approached me.

“Lord, have you finished talking with the young brat?”
“Young brat, you say… are you talking about Shin? He’s already of age, so you can’t say it to his face, okay?”

Shin is half-Yahatul person, so like Asian people in my past life, he looks younger than he is.
He, himself, seems to mind it, so I would like to avoid topics that could stimulate his complex.

“Hmph, to me, he would always be a young brat. If he minds, he should do good work to make me remember his name.”

… So you don’t even remember his name?
Sacred Beasts really are indifferent about matters that don’t concern them, huh.

“Anyhow, I got the information I wanted. And so, I have a request for you, Kurogane…”

I retrieved Kurogane’s exclusive use brush from my Inventory.

“Request? It’s rare for you to make a request, Lord.”

When I started burshing him, Kurogane closed his eyes in comfort and rested his chin on top of his forepaws.

“You see, I would like you to hunt Orcs for me… ah, I don’t need many, okay? Just one or two.”

Recalling the last time I requested Kurogane to hunt Orcs and he destroyed an entire village, I make sure to correct myself in panic.
Although I say that, it would be troublesome if another Orc Village appeared, so we would have to suppress them so they don’t increase in numbers.
I then won’t be able to say that I don’t want many, though.
Well, at that time, I will have to consult with Tirie-san so the prices won’t collapse with the delivery of goods…

“Hmm. It seems that adventurers accepting requests to obtain bacon had increased at the Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild recently. I heard that those guys are aggressively buying Orc meat and other materials on the way to your fief. Because of that, the number of Orcs in the fief’s vicinity had decreased.”

… Something like that has been happening in the fief? I knew that there have been requests from the Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild to bring bacon and that Orc subjugation requests had increased, but still.
For the Orcs who had been increasing in numbers to suddenly almost disappear, just how much are they being hunted…?
This is far from talking about the collapse of prices.

“Because of the situation, I doubt there are many specimens left… I shall try a new location.”
“S, sorry, but please do. I really am fine with just a few. You don’t have to search thoroughly to bring lots back, okay?”

Saying that, Kurogane closed his eyes and thoroughly enjoyed the brushing.
When I finished brushing Kurogane, Mashiro who was clinging to my back without me even noticing sprawled on top of my lap, demanding his turn.
Of course, I intended to be impartial and brush Mashiro as well, so I retrieved Mashiro’s exclusive use brush from my Inventory and started gently brushing Mashiro’s back.
While brushing Mashiro for a while, he whispered to himself.

“… Even though I can hunt Orcs too.”

My, oh my, Mashiro was sulking.
I do rely on Kurogane with these matters all the time, after all.
I know that Mashiro is able to hunt on his own, but when I think about Orcs’ physique, I always end up relying on Kurogane.
I understand that Mashiro is in this small form because of me, but because I got used to these adorable appearances of his, I can’t help but wanting to spoil him…
There’s also the fact that I had not seen his large Holy Bear form.
… Is it like the polar bear of my past life, I wonder?

“Naturally, I will have you properly guard me while Kurogane’s away, Mashiro. I am also going to rely on you without holding back when a matter like that of the Sharkens comes up, okay?”
“Got it. Actually, I prefer guarding you rather than hunting Orcs, Cristea.”
“Oh my, fufu.”

Kyuu, I tightly hugged Mashiro, mofumofu’ed and patted him and resumed the brushing.

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