Chapter 550.1

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To the fief after a long time!
The next morning. I overslept a little more than usual, but it was still early for breakfast, so I woke Mariel-chan up, and we decided to do morning yoga together.

“Good grief, both you and Mariel are in good spirits since this morning… well, it seems that the magic power is circulating throughout your body nicely, and it looks like a good workout for manipulation of your magic power, so keep up at it.”

Ruby looked at us from the bed, yawned, and lay down again.
I’m sure it will work if you do it while being aware of your magic power.
As I thought, it seems to be more effective while being aware of your magic power.

“The better the magic power circulates throughout your body, the more beautiful you will get.”

What!? I must work harder, then!

“Cristea-saaan… I’m hungry…”
“Mariel-san, just one more set and then the breakfast.”
“Ugh, I will try…”
“I requested a fluffy omelette this morning.”
“Yaaay, I will do my best!”

As soon as I told her about the menu, she started moving energetically.
In Mariel-chan’s case, decent food works better than beauty…

After changing our clothes, we headed to the dining hall, where everyone was already seated.

“Good morning. We apologize for being late.”
“G, good morning…”
“No, we just got here, too. You may begin.”

We took our seats, and the waiters began to move quickly as Otousama gave the orders.
We have been having a buffet in the dormitory, so it’s been a while since I have had someone serve me like this.
Being taken care of is nice… parent’s house is the best.
This morning’s menu was a fluffy omelette, consommé soup with lots of vegetables, salad, and a croissant. Butter and jam were optional.
The Head Chef asked me before, “We need something new on the menu!” So I gave him a rough recipe for the croissant, but he said he had made many prototypes while I was away and perfected it.

“I tried my best to make it so that when you return, you will always be able to enjoy it, Cristea-sama.”

The Head Chef said confidently. The croissant had a wonderful buttery flavor and was crispy and delicious. Isn’t it amazing that the Head Chef can get this far with just the recipe I gave him, even though he didn’t eat the real, finished product…!?

After breakfast, we changed into our town-girl style clothes and went to the warping room.


“Oh my? You are going as well, Shin?”

Shin and Miria were waiting in front of the warping room in their casual clothes.

“Ou. I’m going to deliver the recipes we have made over here to the Head Chef over there, as well as ingredients that are hard to find in the fief, and also to do some shopping.”

The Beastea Company’s branch in the Capital is out of stock, but the head office in the fief has the ingredients in stock, so since we are using a warping room anyway, he requested to tag along.
The Head Chef told him to deliver the recipes to the Head Chef in the fief and watch him regret… so bad!

“Well, it was the other way around before you came here, so…”

Shin scratched his head and said, “It can’t be helped.”
“Don’t think you’re the only one who’s a favorite of Cristea-sama, okay?” I heard Shin is always nailed by the two like this…
Shin is the one who gave me a chance to remember my previous life. He gets special privileges.
We moved into the warping room now that the members to be warped were all present.
As soon as the servants had finished carrying in the luggage to be sent to the fief, Otousama came to check on us.

“Everyone has entered the warp circle? I will be injecting my magic power into the magic stone here. On the way back, do something about it yourselves, Norman, Cristea.”

Otousama poured magic power into the warp circle through the magic stone in his hand and activated it.
As soon as the warp circle began to glow, I closed my eyes and waited until Oniisama called out, “Well, we have arrived.”

“Eh? We have arrived already?”

Mariel-chan looked around restlessly.
Unlike moving to the collection site within the academy premises, we moved in an instant from the Royal Capital to the pavilion in the fief far, far away.

“Yes. Let’s get out of here.”

After getting out of the warping room, we got into a simple carriage that was prepared for us without even being greeted by the servants.
Miria wanted to go with us but knowing that she had bought souvenirs for everyone at the estate, I decided to let her stay behind with Kaguya.
The Head Chef quickly caught Shin, so it looks like he will be heading to the Bastea Company later on his own.
Good luck dealing with the Head Chef, Shin…

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