Chapter 549.2

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Home after a long time!
Mariel-chan stammered with a bright red face while explaining.
She seemed nervous, but since it was Mariel-chan, she must have been thinking something along the lines of: “Fuohh, a good-looking prince and a beautiful witch couple, mouthwatering… precious… no words to explain…”

“I see. If it’s the equipment for a Sacred Beast, it’s only natural to ask a craftsman with a certain level of skill to do it…”
“That is right~ Sorry about that, because of me… ufufu.”

Ruby answered in a nonchalant manner while taking a bite of a carrot stick in a fully relaxed posture next to Mariel-chan who was sitting on the living room sofa.
Otousama and Okaasama were a little taken aback by Ruby’s male voice and oneesan tone of voice, but they soon got used to it because they had a precedent in Tirie-san, an Onee Elf, who is the Guild Master of the local Adventurers’ guild.
Ruby is quite a strong character, but Tirie-san is no slouch either.

“I chose the Knight Course, but the weapons used here are different from my hometown… and I heard that Miss Cristea was planning on visiting Galvano-sama, the famous weapons craftsman of the Doristan Kingdom and I thought it would be a good idea to learn a little about weapons from him, so I thought I would be impolite and accompany the two.”

Sei also thought that just following us because of some interest was not a good enough reason to stay overnight to accompany girls on their shopping spree.
So he came with a proper purpose in mind.
Well, I guess he really is interested in Doristan’s weapons too.

“I see… The Bastea Company once showed me a sword called katana that was a work of art as well as a weapon that can withstand practical use. It was slender like a rapier, but it had a single edge that drew a peculiar curve, graceful and mysterious, yet it looked fragile… as if it would break if it were to cross blades with the rugged swords of our country. Umu, Galvano is also good at identifying the right weapon for the user, so consulting with him is a good idea. I will write a letter of introduction to Galvano for you later.”
“T… thank you very much!”

Wow, Sei looks so happy…

We were to stay at the Capital’s mansion that day and move from the warping room to the mansion in the fief tomorrow morning.
Mariel-chan was to sleep with me in my room, and Sei will be staying in the guest room farthest from my room.
I heard those were Otousama’s instructions.
Good grief, he’s such an over-doting parent.

That night, Mariel-chan as well as Ruby were in bed with me, and we had a lot of girl talk, and before I knew it, I fell asleep.

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