Chapter 549.1

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Home after a long time!
When we arrived at the mansion, not only the servants but also Otousama and Okaasama came out to greet us at the entrance.
I was told that Otousama couldn’t wait to see me because he hadn’t seen me for a long time. Okaasama told me secretly later.
She said she was there to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn’t run off the rails, but I’m sure she couldn’t wait to see us as either because the two of them were happily snuggling up to greet us.
Soon after the greetings, it was time for dinner.
The menu was curry.
The spices Shin had sent me the other day had turned out well, so I had written to him, asking him to make curry and rice for me when I returned home.
“J, just how much would this dish cost… gulp.” Marie-chan was hesitant to eat it, but after taking a spoonful, she was so enthusiastic that she even ordered a second helping.
It seems that Mariel-chan was satisfied with the taste of our curry spice.
Fufufu, there is no way those of us who were Japanese in our previous lives could resist the taste.
Unfortunately, our curry is so popular that it gets eaten up so quickly that we can’t enjoy it on the second day.

Sei seemed a little nervous, perhaps because it was the first time he was invited to our mansion in the Capital.
And it was not as Ichimatsu doll O-Sei-chan who often came to our residence for tea, but as a male classmate, so Otousama was extremely intimidating as soon as he saw him…
When it was O-Sei-chan, she was one of the few friends of mine who stayed for a tea party after delivering goods from the Bastea Company (in fact, we had hearty meals together as well), so I asked my parents to refrain from contacting me when O-Sei-chan was over, so she wouldn’t get frightened and not come over.
It was also significant that he had gifted Otousama a bottle of Yahatulian sake, and Okaasama a fan made of fragrant wood as souvenirs this time, which made a good impression on them.
When I asked about it, he apparently sent Suzaku-sama on an errand to the Royal Capital Branch of the Bastea Company.
As expected of Sei, he is very thorough.

“Cristea. I heard you wanted to go to the fief estate tomorrow…”


While we were having our after-dinner tea, Otousama asked me about my plans for tomorrow.

“Yes. I would like to visit Galvano Ojisama’s place.”
“Galvano’s?… Is there a new tool you want to have made?”
“No, not me, but…”
“U, umm, I, I have some equipment that I want to make for my con-contracted Sacred B-beast, Ruby…”

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