Chapter 276

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Let’s enjoy the strangeness.
“Oh~! Is it done?”

They have been apparently eating street stall food after that too as I caught sight of traces of food around.

… Otousama, the porridge was not enough for you, I see…

Shuddering at Otousama’s gluttony, I put the plates with the caramel sauté apples in front of them.

“Thank you for waiting, this is caramel sauté apples. The apples were cut and covered in caramel… a boiled down sugar with water and butter. There’s also ice… a frozen treat made from a cooled fresh cream. It’s delicious when eaten together.”
“Hou, a superb article can be made just with that small amount of ingredients, huh.”

Otousama admired.

“Say, is it possible to eat now?”

Leon-sama was ignoring the explanation as his eyes were nailed to the plate…

“Yes, please eat while it’s warm.”

After finishing speaking, Leon-sama grasped a fork and knife and started eating.
… Just how much did he want to eat…

Leon-sama cut a sautéed apple without ice cream first and carried it to his mouth.
… H, how is it?

“… Yeah! This is good! For that sour apples to taste so sweet… no, not only sweet, it also has a little bit of bitterness, but it matches together well! Moreover, this peculiar fragrance… ahh, cinnamon? This also goes well with it!”

Ohh, precisely. He understands the flavors properly.

“Umu. For these simple ingredients to be this tasty… Leon-sama, it’s a different deliciousness when eaten together with ice cream.”
“Yeah, this… ice cream? is cold but sweet! I can’t get enough eating it with the warm apples.”

Feeling relieved watching the two eating, I also took my portion.
Similarly to Leon-sama, the apple first… yeah. Yummy. The sweetness of the caramel covered apple is really good. Next, together with ice cream…
Dd… delish! Why do warm apples with cold ice cream taste this good…!
The caramel’s bittersweetness mixes with the creaminess of the ice cream… and then the sweetness and little bit of sourness of the apple… haa… happiness.

“Ah~ that was delicious! It’s regrettable that I wasn’t able to eat that pastry, but I got to eat a different deliciousness!”

Leon-sama who ate everything showed satisfaction.

“I’m glad it suited your tastes.”
“Ou! Say, don’t you have more of this?”

The place Leon-sama pointed would refer to the ice cream.

“Ah, if it’s ice cream then I have more here…”

I retrieved ice cream from the Inventory.

“Hee? You are a possessor of Inventory?”
“… Ah.”

I noticed when Leon-sama pointed it out.

I have taken it out unconsciously…!


… Otousama and Gilbert looked at me with exhaustion.

… I, I have done it now…

“What, was that also a secret? Oh well, quickly give that to me.”

Leon-sama nonchalantly demanded seconds.

“… Eh? Also, you say…”

He’s not talking about me getting lost, right?

“Ah? The Fenrir and several others you have contracted, right? … Oops, was it bad to say that?”

Aaaaah as I thought, Leon-sama knew aboooout it!?
… Rather, why did you have to say it right nooooow!?
Otousama and Gilbert are fine since they knew, but if the maids or other people were here, they would have been completely out, you know!?

“… So you know about her contracts. Since when were you aware, Leon-sama?”

Ahhh… Otousama’s glabella is wrinkled more than usual! I’m scared! I’m scared of the scolding that will come later!

“Ah? Ahh… when I was protecting her yesterday, I felt the remaining presence of that fellow… the Fenrir. The desire to monopolize her of his and the other one are too obvious. There’s no way I wouldn’t notice.”

Leon-sama replied while chuckling.

No, no, no!
It’s not a laughing matter!?
He wouldn’t have noticed were not for Mashiro’s and Kurogane’s maaaaarking!

Moreover, to get exposed to Leon-sama who is the closest to the royalty… ahh… does His Majesty and Lily-sama perhaps know already…

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