Chapter 130

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Proposal, persuasion, and magic tool.
Hmm, at this rate, Kurogane will really eat Kuroneko-san…
I would like to pardon myself from seeing that.
Splattering right in front of me… right? That would be quite the horror.

“… Can’t we just monitor it without killing it?”

Ohh, what a splendid unison.

“Cristea, do you understand what you are saying?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Surely not, do you intend to contract it?”
“No, I won’t be contracting it.”
“Keeping it by your side without contracting it is impossible. Moreover, this fellow wouldn’t just continue being restrained.”
“That’s correct, Lord. Keeping a magic beast by your side without contracting is impossible.”

Otousama and Kurogane showed disapproval.

“Wouldn’t it be impossible for it to make mischief if we make sure that it would have only a fixed amount of magical power and stayed in this form?”
“That wouldn’t… no, wait. Now that you mentioned it…”

Otousama who was about to promptly refuse suddenly recalled something and started rummaging through his office desk.

And what he took out at last, was a bangle-like thing with a large magic stone attached to it.

“This is a magic tool that is used to restrict the magical power of people who are born with too much magical power at birth or those whom you want to restrict the use of their magical power. It is conditioned to absorb magical power moderately.”

I see. It’s an item that prevents magical power from going wild.

“I ordered this thinking that it would be necessary after finding out that Cristea got born with a massive amount of magical power, but…”

… Whoops, to think it was for my personal use…

“You mean to use this on Kuroneko-san?”
“Yes, perhaps. However, just with this condition… there’s no meaning if it were to fall off.”
“How about a lock to make sure it doesn’t fall off…?”
“The would be necessary to rewrite the conditions. That cannot be done unless the person to do that has enough magical power to rewrite it, though.”
“I will give it a try. Could you give it to me?”
“… Rather than using this, how about quickly disposing of it instead?”

Otousama moved the hand that held the magic tool which I was about to take.

“… I don’t want Mashiro and Kurogane to wastefully kill.”

Mashiro and Kurogane looked at me emotionally.

“… If you say that much, then you can give it a try. We will dispose of it if you are unable to do it.”

Otousama who got outwitted handed me over the magic tool. Just as I was thinking: “Alright, alright.” Oniisama who has been quiet until now dropped the bomb.

“… You were saying that you want to buy a cat in the past, didn’t you… say, Cristea? You were surely not thinking… that you want to keep a cat, did you?”

Gulp! Oniisama how sharp! You did well remembering that old statement of mine!?

“… Since I won’t contract it, I thought of taking the responsibility for rewriting the magic tool and monitoring it…”

Ugh, I can’t look into Oniisama into his face.


Ah, ah, even though it went so well just now!
Their doubtful gazes are painful! Why hit the bullseye!

“A, anyhow! I will now rewrite this magic tool, alright!”

Let’s do it quickly before Otousama changes his mind!

Erm, what do I do to rewrite a magic tool’s conditions…?

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