Chapter 129

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Regarding its treatment.
After that, we have returned to the mansion with the restricted black cat.
We decided to wait for Otousama’s return and consult regarding Kuroneko-san’s treatment.

“… Cristea. Bringing trouble one after another…”

Haa… Otousama sighed.
Just like the last time, we had a secret talk in Otousama’s office that was wrapped in a barrier.

“Otousama? Please don’t speak as if I had done something wrong. Making me look bad…”

I would like you to stop speaking as if I was guilty of something each and every time, seriously!

“Although you say that, a magic beast after sacred beasts… just how is this happening?”
“… Everyone is saying that my magical power is delicious. A little bit of my magical power gets transferred to the meals I make and they are apparently tasty as well…”

I’m indulged by the sacred(magic) beasts. But, that’s not my fault, is it…?

“Father, I’m truly sorry. It might be my fault that this cat… this magic beast came.”
“…? Why is it Norman’s fault?”

Otousama couldn’t hide his bewilderment at Oniisama’s apology.

“Today, during our long ride, we had the sandwiches Cristea made us for lunch, but a cat has approached us, so I decided to share a bit with it. That cat was a black cat. It’s possible that it was this very cat…”

Eh? Didn’t they ride quite a far away though??

“Ah, that’s right. I remember you well, boy. I tailed you because I sensed a delicious magical power from the food you shared with me. Seriously, I wouldn’t have come if I knew I would have such a terrible experience.”

Apparently, it was close to running out of magical power, so it intended to assault Oniisama and Prince Ray who hold strong magical powers, but when it approached as a black cat in order for them to let their guards down, it felt the first-rate magical power from the sandwich it was shared, thus deciding to tag along out of greed.

… Doesn’t that mean that Oniisama and Prince Ray nearly got eaten?? … I’m glad, they escaped from death because of the sandwiches.

“… In a sense, we were saved by Cristea’s sandwiches, weren’t we?”
“No, that’s… but, I’m glad you are safe.”
“… So? What do you intend to do with this fellow? You won’t tell me that you have already made a contract with it, right?”

… As expected, Otousama was worrying about that. No matter how you put it, I wouldn’t make a contract that recklessly.

“No. I haven’t contracted Kuroneko-san yet.”
“Naturally! Magic beasts aren’t being to contract!!”

I understand that, that contracting magic beasts is dangerous. Moreover, I won’t forgive it for trying to eat Oniisama and others.

“I don’t intend to contract it, but… what are we going to do with this child?”

It was conserving energy in its black cat form, obediently staying still while restrained until now.

“It’s currently in this form because its magical power got exhausted, but it might target you again or injure others in order to accumulate its strength. It would be better to dispose of it.”

Otousama glared at Kuroneko-san with a frown. The extermination of magic beasts was apparently very difficult in the past.

“Then, how do we dispose of…?”
“Wai, wait a moment! Are you planning to kill this frail me!?”

Hearing of its disposal, Kuroneko-san started struggling.

No, no, you might look like a cat now, but you have tried to eat me in the form of a black leopard just a while ago, you know?? You are definitely not frail, are you??
I have no sympathy for you, alright???

“Not frail. Impudent.”

Oh my, Mashiro you are so harsh…

“Be quiet! You pipsqueak! Be silent for me!”
“Not pipsqueak. The current you, far smaller than me.”

Mashiro pinned down Kuroneko-san’s head with his leg.

“You…! You better remember this!”
“About to get disposed of, no way I would remember a tiny fly like you.”

Ohhh…? Mashiro, are you angry? I feel aura colder than that of Oniisama, you know…?

“Won’t forgive, for trying to eat, Cristea.”
“Indeed. There’s absolutely no way we would forgive you after you bared teeth at our Lord. You will be served death. You don’t look appetizing, but should I eat you? You look bad for the stomach though.”

… Kurogane is considerably angry too, isn’t he??


… As the people were getting angrier, I have conversely cooled down.
Rather, it now looks as if Kurogane and Mashiro were bullying a weak person, doesn’t it… although it’s for my sake… I’m unable to endure it…

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