Chapter 128

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I have been assaulted.

The reason I let out such idiotic noise was because I have been pressed down by my abdomen. Ph, phainful…

“Lord! Stay still! That fellow is a magic beast!”

What, a magic beast you say!?
The lump of black pressing me down is a magic beast? … Rather… a black leopard?

“Ah, so noisy. Stop whining already! Listen well, alright? If you move even a bit, I will bite into this missy’s throat, got it!?”

Everyone was unable to move because of the black leopard’s threat.

“… oh, huh? Are you perhaps Kuroneko-san from just now??”

That black cat that was snuggling up to my legs just now was actually a black leopard magic beast??

“… You are quite a bold missy, aren’t you? You have more guts than the other guys.”

The black leopard licked my cheek.

“Ah, but how unfortunate… Just when I thought that I found a tasty magical power at last, it has been spoiled by a dog and a bear.”

Hmph! Acting like a spoiled child, it scowled at Kurogane and Mashiro.

“Release Cristea!”
“Who’s a dog! I am a Fenrir! I won’t let you off if you injure my Lord!”
“How noisy. Seriously, I hate that the delicious magical power has already been touched, but that’s irrelevant when taking a bite, right?”

The black leopard looked at me and licked its lips.

Uooh… am I perhaps in a pinch?
What do I do!?
Cristea imagined herself covered in the barrier in panic. This could stall for a time were it abruptly try to bite me. Next is…



The black leopard flinched when I tried using nekodamashi on it as my last resort.
Uoh! It worked!? Nekodamashi!!
I then immediately warped the aphrodisiac mushroom into the black leopard’s mouth.

“!! You, what did you make me eat!?…?”

The black leopard’s body swayed. Ohh, it helps that it had an immediate effect! I promptly warped to Kurogane and other’s side.

“Uu… funyaa…”

The black leopard’s body flabbily swayed back and forth.
T, that’s somehow seductive, isn’t it…

“Cristea! I’m glad you are safe! … But, just what is…?”
“… Lord, what did you do?”
“Eh? Erm, I used a foreign martial technique called Nekodamashi to make it flinch and made it eat the aphrodisiac mushroom.”
“Serves it right?”

… Mashiro? You also were trying to eat the mushroom just a little while ago, though!?

“… So, what do you intend to do with it?”
“Eh? What… even if you ask me…”

The black leopard cried as if it was drunk… is this sexual excitement? I can’t tell. Aphrodisiac mushroom, frightening.

“We have to restrain it first of all… but, I don’t have a rope or anything…”

I think a magic beast would be able to snap an ordinary rope too… ah, right. Is it not possible to restrict limbs on the same principle as the barrier?

With the strength of a high-end wire… when thinking about such and imagining the rope, the black leopard stopped moving as all of its limbs got tightly restrained.

“Ah, I did it.”
“… Cristea, what have you done just now?”
“Eh? I restrained it with a rope of magical power by applying it as a barrier, but…?”
“… Lord, that is different magic called Capture.”
“Eh? Is that so?”
“Cristea, incredible!”

… It appears that I have learned different magic without knowing. Woohoo~!

… Capture, I can do it properly, can’t I?
In fact, something has been on my mind since a while ago…
I, I can mofu it for just a little bit, right?

“Cristea!? What are you…?”
“Oy, Lord!?”
“Funya… !? You? Wha… funyaan… a, an!?”

Ohhh… the smooth and silky fur on the distinctive feline body… it’s far more wonderful than I thought.

“Ah….! Aan! Faa?”

N? Here? You like it here?
I will make you melt under my finger technique that even strays yield to!



“Oh my!?”

The black leopard has turned into a black cat.

“… It ran out of magical power, huh.”
“… Suffering the consequences?”
“… Cristea, get away from it.”

… Huh? Why is everyone’s mood so dampen??

“Funyaa… my last bit of magical power has been…”

S, somehow, sorry…

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