Chapter 131

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Properly using carrot and the stick policy is essential.
Hmm, how do I go about changing the conditions…

“You can rewrite the magic tool by holding it and pouring your magical power into it. Once you do that, it will then register the condition of the one using it and the one registering the conditions.”
“I understand. Thank you very much, Otousama.”
“Errr… first of all, the limitation of magical power… I think? Make sure that Kuroneko-san’s magical power doesn’t exceed the point it can transform to the black leopard.”

This is an absolute condition.

“Next is… not injuring me or other people. Even if it holds a little bit of malice, make it that to plunder its magical power enough so it couldn’t move. An identical punishment when it tries to forcefully remove the magic tool or when it doesn’t follow my decision. However, this shall not be the case only when interfering with a malicious third-party.”

In short, it will get punished if it does bad things. But, I would feel sorry for it if a bad guy tried to catch it and it couldn’t resist, so there’s an exception for that time.

『Ha? Wai, wait a moment! What selfish things are you spouting…!』

Kuroneko-san is making some noisy, but I can’t hear you! I’m not listening!

“Furthermore, if I were to die, do not grant it freedom, but steal all of its magical power and extinguish its life. Identical punishment when third-party tries removing the magic tool. Also, if that were to happen, remove the remaining magical power and clear all conditions and cease functioning. Lastly, all conditions will be modifiable.”

Something like this. It would be dangerous to let it do as it please when I die, and the magic stone still could have a use, but I would be troubled if the tool were to be used for evil… by being able to freely rewrite the conditions I could fix all inconveniences that might occur in the future… the moment I thought so, the magic tool shined, and the light disappeared immediately after.

“Ah, does it mean I was able to successfully rewrite it?”
“Wha! Why do you have to be so thorough!? Release me!”

Kuroneko-san protested in tears.

“… You are misunderstanding something, but I won’t selfishly dispose of you? I don’t know what will you do once I die and you become free. In that case, I better take you with me. If you don’t give it your best to protect me, you will also pass away, you know? Besides, if you aren’t given enough agony to think that it would be better to die immediately rather than keep living, it wouldn’t be a punishment. Don’t you find it kind of me that you will be able to fall asleep for eternity without feeling any pain?”

When I said such while smiling, Kuroneko-san started shivering. Looks like it got paralyzed in fear. Did I scare it too much?

“Lord… isn’t that a little too nasty?”
“Cristea, scary…”

… I don’t want to be told that by you two who were talking about eating Kuroneko-san just a little while ago, alright?

I’m also angry that it nearly ate Oniisama and others, you know? It wouldn’t be a punishment if I didn’t scare it a bit, right?

… But, if something happened to me because of a sudden accident or an illness and the conditions would really activate, then it would really be pitiful…
But, I will do my best to live… yeah.

“It will be fine, me not dying is a good thing. Moreover, even if we don’t contract, you have a special privilege, you know?」
“Hii… eh? Special privilege?”
“Yes, you might not receive as much magical power as you’d like, but you won’t be worried about the things to eat and place to sleep. That is the greatest worry in your current form, isn’t it?”
“T, that’s true… but…”
“Furthermore, I will regularly brush and massage you… it felt good, didn’t it?”
“… Massage… auu.”

Recalling the mofu time from a little while ago, Kuroneko-san started fidgeting. Fu fu fu… my finger technique is unforgettable.

“… I won’t do it if you disliked it, though…”
“I, I won’t say no! I understand! I can’t escape anyhow, right!? Do as you please!”

Kuroneko-san answered furiously.

“Oh my, is that so?”

When I placed the magic tool on Kuroneko-san’s neck, it fitted perfectly. Ohh, it has size adjustment function.

“… Lord, what are you doing, seducing a magic beast?”
“… Cristea, cheater.”
“… Cristea, although you did not name it, I feel what you did is almost identical to making a contract with a magic beast, you know?」
“… Not satisfied with people and sacred beasts, to seduce even a magic beast…”

… Huh?

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