Chapter 475.3

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Byakko-sama, who had been punished by the iron-ribbed fan, showed no sign of being disciplined, piled up the Nikumaki Onigiri on his plate, took a seat, and said, “Itadakimasu!” As soon as he put his hands together, he immediately picked up the onigiri and bit into it.

“Hey, use your chopsticks properly, Tora!”

Byakko-sama was literally gobbling up the onigiri with his right hand and the bowl of miso soup with his left.

“That’s right. Geez, how vulgar…”

Suzaku-sama ate with elegant chopsticks, but the Nikumaki Onigiri disappeared with great speed.

“Byakko should calm down a little.”
“This fellow has been like that since a long time ago. It’s not possible for him.”

Everyone was unreasonably harsh.
But, I don’t recommend grabbing the Nikumaki Onigiri because it will make your hands sticky.
There’s Clear magic, so you can clean it right away, but it’s a pain to cast Clear magic every time, isn’t it?
As I was thinking that, Miria brought him a wet hand towel.
As expected of Miria, she’s very thoughtful!

“Oh? Thanks!”

Byakko-sama smiled, but even his mouth was sticky.

“… Are you going to act proper or not!”

Sei, who was sitting beside him, took the wet hand towel from Miria and pressed it to Byakko-sama’s face.

“Good grief, you lack respect for delicious food, Tora.”

Facing Sei’s anger, Byakko-sama wiped his mouth with the towel.

“What, am I not properly saying it’s yum when it’s yum?”
“That’s not the problem here!”

I couldn’t help but find their interaction funny.

After lunch, we finished cleaning up and moved to the lounge, where Miria made us some tea and we told everyone what had happened in the Headmaster’s office.

“So you’re saying that the academy bunch appealed to the Headmaster to see the Sacred Beasts and ordered you guys to make a spectacle of us?”
“No, the Headmaster only forwarded the request to us.”
“It doesn’t make any difference. We were told to stay in here because of the commotion, and now they want to make a spectacle of us?”

Byakko-sama leaned back against the back of the sofa and sipped his tea.

“We are here to protect our Lords, not to satisfy some random people’s curiosity.”

Suzaku-sama said dismissively and reached for the yokan.

“Indeed. What good would it do for us to show up?”

Kurogane said, and bit into his second dorayaki.

“Why don’t we take this opportunity to suppress the noisy guys?”

Mashiro said while chewing dorayaki.
Suppress… what do you mean by that!?
Mashiro, just what are you planning on doing!?
Let’s not do anything violent, okay!?

“I know it’s annoying for everyone, but if we don’t do it, some foolish people might come here and personally ask to see you. That’s why the Headmaster asked us to help the students understand.”

Sei wrapped the teacup in his hands and looked at everyone. I followed Sei’s lead.

“That’s right. The Headmaster made sure that the students and teachers didn’t crowd us. I don’t want to make everyone look like a spectacle, but if we are going to live at the academy, we would have been asked to do this sooner or later.”

This makes me wonder as to why we did not let them debut at the academy entrance ceremony in the first place…
Well, if people knew that we both had multiple contracts, it would have caused even more of a stir. That’s probably why he only introduced us as the Sacred Beast contractors at that time.

“Hmm… well, it’s going to be more difficult to move around with our disguise off, but… I’m fine with it if you are alright with it.”

Are you sure? Byakko-sama?

“Indeed. In the first place, we won’t go unnoticed if we act, no matter what. I don’t really mind if my Lord doesn’t mind.”

Eh? Suzaku-sama too?

“I only follow my Lord’s will.”

Kurogane, eh? That easily?

“Ugh~… I’m also fine with what Cristea says.”

Mashiro seemed reluctant, but…

“Everyone… are you sure?”

When I asked unconsciously, Byakko-sama smiled broadly.

“N~ let’s see. It would be boring if we ended this only with ‘Yeah, sure’ right?”

Eh… why do I have a bad feeling about this!?

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