Chapter 475.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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In the dining hall, Sei and others had already started the preparations.

“Pardon me for being late.”

I took out my apron rom the inventory, quickly put it on and entered the kitchen.

“No, we just got here, too. The rice is apparently already cooked, what about the rest?”

I’m really grateful that Suzaku-sama has prepared the rice for us.
I washed my hands thoroughly and then thought about the menu.
To be honest, I don’t want to do anything too complicated because I’m too preoccupied with the debut.
But it’s times like this that I need to cook properly.
For the ingredients of the miso soup, I decided to use… onions and eggplants.
I asked Kurogane and Mashiro to cut the ingredients for the dish.
The eggplant into 5 mm slices and the onions into thin slices.
Once they were cut, I poured the leftover soup stock into the pot and asked them to add the ingredients when it came to a boil, once the miso was dissolved.
Alright, next… take out Orc meat and cut the pork belly into thin slices.
Mix soy sauce, sake, and sugar together and the sauce is ready.
Then, make oval-shaped rice balls and wrap the meat slices around them.
I asked Sei, Byakko-sama, and Suzaku-sama to help me with this.
When we made a lot of them, I poured oil in a hot frying pan, placed the meat rice balls end side down, and cooked until browned all over and the meat was cooked through.
I turned the heat down to low and poured the sauce over the meat, and cooked it until they looked shiny, then I removed it from the heat.
When the balls were done, I placed them on a platter, sprinkled them with white sesame seeds, and the Nikumaki Onigiri was ready to eat.

“Ohh, that looks good~!”

I quickly stored it in my inventory before Byakko-sama’s hand could reach it.

“Ugh? Why did you put it away!?”
“Let’s all eat while it’s hot, shall we?”

I smiled at Byakko-sama’s frustration, and then proceeded to cook the rest.


“Tora! Again, you… get over here!”

Sei dragged Byakko-sama out of the kitchen for trying to grab a bite.

“Oo~i, Ojou! Say something!”

Byakko-sama begged me for help in a pathetic voice, but too bad! Your Lord is Sei, remember?

“We will be fine here without you, take your time.”

After I saw him off with a smile on my face, I heard a good “Slap!” sound and Byakko-sama’s “Owww!” from the dining hall.
It seems he was punished with Sei’s iron-ribbed fan…

“Byakko is stupid.”
“Umu, I think so too.”

I couldn’t help but laugh while taking the miso soup off the fire as the two of them talked badly of Byakko-sama.
Yeah, I feel like my mood is getting better.
I shouldn’t have bad thoughts when hungry.
Let’s eat something delicious first, and then We will talk.

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