Chapter 475.1

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When we returned to the special dormitory, we decided to put our luggage in our rooms and change into casual clothes before heading down to the dining hall.
I parted ways with Sei on the stairs, touched the magic stone to unlock my room, and opened the door.

“I’m back.”
(Cristea~! Welcome back.)

As soon as I opened the door to my room, I saw Mashiro in his smoll Sacred Beast form running towards me, and I quickly squatted down to catch him. Ugh, so cute!

“I’m home, Mashiro.”
“Welcome back, Cristea-sama.”
“You took your time today, Lord.”

Kurogane who also came over in his Sacred Beast form with heavy footsteps transformed into a human form in front of me.
He lifted the luggage from the floor and handed it to Miria, who followed him, then took my hand and made me stand up.

“Yeah, we stopped by the Headmaster’s office after the class, so we were delayed a bit.”
“The Headmaster’s office?”
“Yes. And so, I have a request for you two… I’m going to change first, so let’s talk later in the dining hall.”

While the two were confused by my cryptic words, I handed what I was holding in my arms to them.

“Miria, I will be fine changing on my own, so please go to the dining hall first.”

Miria left for the dining hall after putting my stuff on the study desk in my bedroom.
As I closed the bedroom door to change… I sighed.
I don’t want to tell the two that I have to show them off, the Sacred Beasts, to the students and teachers of the academy.
I’m sure the two of them will agree if I ask them.
I don’t want to treat them like objects on an exhibition, though…
But I have to be careful because if I stay in this gloomy mood, they will worry, and it will make them overwhelmed.
Bewildered, I headed to the closet and dressed quickly before leaving the bedroom.

“Thank you for waiting. Let’s go to the dining hall then.”

I called out to the two who were waiting for me on the sofa, while trying to act cheerful.

“Yeah! Let’s go, Cristea.”

Mashiro, who had changed into a human form, stood up quickly and took my hand with a smile.
Kurogane stared at me, then replied shortly, “Mm” and stood up.
Hmm, it looks like the two can tell that I’m not in the best spirits…
Still, since the two didn’t pursue the matter in any particular way, I changed my mind and decided to eat first as we headed for the dining hall.

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