Chapter 474.2

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Summoned again.
“I have brought Miss Cristea Ellisfeed and Seinoshin Shikishima-kun.”
“Thank you. Come in, you two.”

When we were urged forward by the instructor, he bowed and left the room.
Huh? Aren’t you going to join us?

“I only asked him to bring you. Don’t worry, I will arrange for a ride to send you back.”

Pamela-san winked and knocked on the door of the Headmaster’s office in the back.

“Headmaster. The two have arrived.”
“Let them enter.”

After confirming the principal’s reply, Pamela-san opened the door and urged us to enter.

“”Excuse me.””
“Oh, you came. Sit down on the sofa.”

The Headmaster stopped writing at his desk in the back of the room and moved to the reception set.
As we sat down on the sofa, Pamela-san came pushing a wagon and offered us tea and pastries.

“I’m sorry to call you over during a lunchtime. We only have this stuff, but go ahead and eat a little.”

The Headmaster gave us a good-natured recommendation, so I decided to take him up on the offer in order to appease my stomach, which was starting to feel a little hungry.

“Thank you.”

As I picked up the cup of tea and brought it to my mouth, the delicious aroma of tea softly tickled my nose.
As I sipped it, the gorgeous aroma and taste of the tea spread through my mouth.
It would take good tea leaves and the right brewing method to bring out this flavor.

“It’s delicious.”


When I said this without thinking, Pamela-san’s face broke into a smile as she commented, “Oh my, I’m glad to hear that.”
The pastries were a shortbread, a hit product of the Mayor Company.
The very shortbread, which I provided the recipe for, has been selling like hotcakes among the nobles under Mariel-chan’s father’s leadership, and I have heard that they are about to hit the shelves with a new product that comes in a variety of flavors, not just plain.

“I heard that these pastries were invented by Miss Cristea, and I often enjoy them because they are so delicious.”

The Headmaster winked at me as he picked up a piece of shortbread and took another right after, eating them quickly.

“T, thank you…”

After enjoying the tea for a while, the Headmaster finally got down to business.

“The reason I called you two here is that I have a little favor to ask you.”
“What exactly is this favor?”

When Sei asked, Headmaster stroked his beard.

“Mhm… I must really apologize for this, but the instructors and students would love to see your contracted Sacred Beasts… I would like you to be present in the senior class lecture tomorrow afternoon.”
“… Huh?”
“I didn’t want to expose you and your Sacred Beasts to everyone while you were still in the midst of your first day of school, but… Things are currently under control by order of the Headmaster, but I’m afraid that if we don’t do this, some of the more reckless students might come to take a peek at the special dormitory on their own…”

Ehhh!? What the hell!?
Are you saying there are other Sacred Beast fanatics besides Teacher Neil?
I really don’t want them to barge into the special dormitory.
Even if they can’t get into the special dormitory, there’s nothing we could do if they were waiting for us at the entrance.
I don’t know about Byakko-sama and the others, but I wonder how Kurogane and Mashiro would react… If I show any sign of being troubled, they would probably spit out, “Forcibly removed!” and kick them out.

“I’m sorry to bother you two, but could you convince the Sacred Beasts to do this? Of course, I will take necessary measures so that you won’t be forced to do anything.”

The Headmaster asked with a troubled look on his face, so all we could say was, “We will try.”
Well, I don’t think there are many people who can force me to do anything as the daughter of a Duke, but Sei is not from this country, so I hope they will take the proper measures.
After that, we left the office because the Headmaster had other things to take care of, and we returned to the special dormitory in the carriage that Pamela-san had arranged for us.

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