Chapter 474.1

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Summoned again.
As we entered the auditorium, I was surprised to see that the seated students were more sparse than yesterday.
The seats in the front were filled with what looked like commoners, but the seats in the back were almost empty.
However, if you looked closely, you could see that there were writing materials and other items on the desks, so it seemed that the seats were already reserved.
… I wonder if this is the work of the seat-taking job that Teacher Neil mentioned earlier.
‘How can you be so quick to leave things to others on the second day?’, I thought to myself.
But then I heard from Mariel-chan later that yesterday was just the first day, so they came here to choose their favorite seats, and from the second day on, it’s normal to leave it to the part-timers.

As yesterday, we sat in the middle row and waited for the lecture to begin.
Just as the lecturer was about to arrive, a group of students dressed in flashy uniforms, clearly recognizable as nobles entered the auditorium.
As I watched the students happily chattering away as they made their way to their reserved seats, I spotted Alicia-sama’s group among them.
She seemed to have spotted us, too, and glanced at us, then turned her head away and headed for her seat.

… You don’t have to hate me that much.
Even though I don’t want to be the Crown Prince’s fiancée.
I’m troubled by her hostility, because it’s something I have no control over.
Prince Raymond, I beg you, please hurry up and choose a partner. That’s not me.
No, seriously…
While I was bewildered, the lecturer arrived, and I hurriedly unfolded my notes.



“That’s all for today.”

It was a little early for the bell to ring, but it seemed to be the end of the day, and the instructor announced the end of the day.
In front of me, the commoner students were happily leaving the classroom to have an early lunch.
As I watched and slowly put away my writing utensils, the instructor who stayed behind called us over.

“Miss Cristea Ellisfeed, Seinoshin Shikishima-kun. I need to talk to you two. Follow me, please.”

The lecturer called Sei’s name with a slight accent, as if he was having trouble saying it.

“O… okay.”

Eh… what is this about?
Since it’s just the two of us… does it involve the Sacred Beasts?
We couldn’t keep the lecturer waiting, so Sei and I hurried to clean up.

“Ah, right. Mariel-san…”

Mariel-chan will have to return alone.


“I will be returning to the girls’ dormitory today. See you tomorrow!”

After finishing cleaning up, Mariel-chan smiled and walked out of the auditorium.
Ahh… I was hoping we could do some prep work together today, too.
Disappointed, I followed Sei and hurried to the instructor.

“I’m sorry to bother you before lunch, but I’m going to have to ask you to accompany me to the faculty building.”

As I followed behind the instructor who was leading the way, my eyes met Alicia-sama’s, who was looking at me at the doorway.
Seemingly uncomfortable with the fact that I knew she was staring at me, Alicia-sama quickly turned away and left the classroom
Haah… if it weren’t for my besties, my heart might have broken by now… I’m really glad I have Mariel-chan and Sei.
Thanking them for their existence, I followed the instructor.

It wasn’t much of a walk from the auditorium to the faculty building.
I thought it would be a bit far since we used a horse-drawn carriage to get there last time, but that was because we went around the perimeter of the building, and it wasn’t that far in a straight line.

“This way.”

The instructor led us to the elevator from before.
We boarded the elevator and arrived at the floor where the Headmaster’s office was located, while enjoying a unique floating feeling.

“The Headmaster wanted to talk to you. I thought it would attract too much attention if I told you that you were being summoned by him.”
“Is that so…”

I’m sure he was trying to be considerate, but just having a teacher call you on the second day of class is enough to make you stand out, okay?
At that time, the remaining students were glancing at us.
However, the fact that we were pointed out as Sacred Beasts contractors seems to be one of the biggest reasons to attract attention, so no matter what we do, we will probably stand out for a while…
I wonder if I wll be able to fit in with the other students at this rate.
We arrived at the Headmaster’s office while I was trying to hold back a sigh of frustration.

“Miss Pamela. May I come in?”

When the instructor knocked, I heard the voice of Pamela-san, the secretary waiting in the anteroom, saying, “Come in,” and the door opened with a swoosh…

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