Chapter 473.3

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It’s the first step!
What? Is that a part-time job as a seat attendant?
Noble children, aren’t you just wasting money?
It’s not like you are earning it yourself, so use your allowance carefully!?
… But it’s an important source of income for the commoners.
Hmm, although they keep talking about equality among students, it’s hard to say that there isn’t any.
At the academy, I plan to do my own thing as much as possible, but at the mansion, I also leave things to Miria and other servants.
I know I shouldn’t criticize them because of my values and sense of justice, but I still feel hazy about this because of my past life’s memories as a commoner…
Sei seemed to think about it for a bit, but then he looked up and faced Teacher Neil.

“I was raised by my parents to take care of myself, so I do as much as I can on my own.”
“I, I also plan on doing whatever I can by myself!”

The parents who raised Sei… that must be his adoptive parents.
It seems that they were a family of samurai, so was he raised strictly?
His gestures during the tea ceremony and how he holds chopsticks during meal time were also beautiful.

“I see. Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. You can’t have people wait on you here, after all. Well, I’m off, see you later.”

Teacher Neil smiled, opened the door and left.

“… Shall we go too, then?”
“Yes, let’s go.”

At Sei’s urging, I called out to everyone in the dining hall before leaving the dorm.
It was still early for the start of the lessons, so we walked slowly towards the auditorium, when Sei, who was walking next to me, chuckled.

“… I’m a Yahatulian, and I have only lived in Doristan for a short time, so I don’t know anything about the nobility of this country. You don’t have to force yourself to fit in with me.”
“… Eh?”

… Ah, he thought I was matching his statement earlier.
I guess you are trying to tell me that I’m allowed to be like other noblemen’s children since I’m a noble of the Doristan Kingdom…

“Fufu, don’t say it so strangely, Sei. Someone who cooks for herself like me wouldn’t do things like that. I may have Miria, but isn’t she always lamenting that I won’t let her act like a servant more?”

I said with a chuckle, and Sei laughed as if relieved.

“That’s true. I forgot that you were not the standard noble young lady, Miss Cristea.”
“Geez, what’s that supposed to mean!”

Sei laughed aloud as I deliberately interjected.

“… Mhm, you use ‘Boku’ in front of Teacher, but you use ‘Ore’ in front of me and Mariel-san, huh.”

When I said this with a grin, Sei, perhaps unconsciously, gave me a huffy look and turned away with his face a bit red. He was acting shy.

“… It would be boring if I had to put on airs in front of friends, right?”

Sei whispered and suddenly picked up the pace.

“We will be late if you walk so leisurely!”

Fufu, is he embarrassed?
As I increased my walking speed to avoid being left behind by Sei, I saw Mariel-chan waiting for us in front, waving her hand.

“Cristea-san, Sei-sama, good morning to you~”
“Morning, Miss Mariel.”
“Good morning, Mariel-san!”

Mariel-chan ran over to join us, and then the three of us walked side by side.
… It may be difficult to make a hundred friends, but I have gotten myself a best friend! Ehehe.
Yeah, I’m going to do my best today as well!

I walked to the auditorium with light steps.

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