Chapter 473.2

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It’s the first step!
While watching them from the corner of my eye, I took out the cold brew dashi that I kept in the cold room and poured it into the pot, straining it through a colander and a dish towel I cleaned with Clear magic.
Yesterday, I had asked Miria to soak small pieces of kombu in water with katsuobushi.
A soup stock made by boiling is fine too, but if we are going to use it every day, it’s easier to prepare it the day before like this.

The leftovers from the cold brew dashi will be chopped into small pieces and roasted before getting mixed with seasonings and made into dashigara furikake, so I keep them in the inventory until a certain amount is saved.
As for the available ingredients for miso soup… when I checked the vegetable stock, a turnip that seemed to have just been brought in this morning from the cafeteria in the salon building caught my eye.

Without discarding the skin, I cut it into strips and put it in a bowl with 5 cm pieces of kombu and salt, covered it with a plate, and then put it in the cold room.
Now we have a tsukemono to serve at dinner.
I would like to have aburaage with the turnips, but I don’t have any ingredients for tofu.

I want to make miso soup with tofu… because I really miss it.
But I don’t know where to get nigari (bittern)… I couldn’t find it at the Bastea Company after all.
I should find some beans that look like chickpeas and make hummus… Would that be too much to ask while I’m at the academy?
I’m not sure if it’s possible to make salt from seawater… but if you boil down seawater, you can make nigari in the process of making salt, I believe.
I would rather make salt from seawater… I believe I could make nigari by boiling down seawater in the process of making salt.

The tofu problem is always a dead end due to the lack of nigari.
I’m sure there are other ways to make tofu, but in my previous life, nigari was available at the supermarket, and I could just buy the tofu itself, so I never thought I would have so much trouble with just one piece of tofu.
While I was thinking about this, I put another turnip in the pot and put it on the fire. When the turnip became transparent, I put the leaves in and when the cooking was done, I dissolve the miso in it and the miso soup was ready.

I got the beaten eggs from Kurogane and Mashiro, and thought about whether to make it into a dashimaki egg or an omelet.
Hmm, I’m in the mood for sweet flavored egg rolls rather than dashimaki eggs today…
Add the sugar, soy sauce, and salt, mix well, add the oil to the pan and heat it up, and pour the egg mixture into the hot pan.
It’s easy to burn, so I have to be careful.
I then rolled them up quickly to make several egg rolls, cut them into bite-sized pieces, and placed them on a platter.
I took out a baked Sharken out of my inventory stock and put it on a platter as well.
Miso soup, egg rolls, and Sharken were all placed on platters to complete the self-service breakfast.

I wiped the table, prepared the cutlery, and watched as everyone happily took their plates to their respective tables, while putting away my apron, and then I got in line.

After breakfast, I asked all the Sacred Beasts to clean up, and Sei and I went back to our rooms to prepare the study materials before heading to the entrance hall.

Teacher Neil was also just leaving, and was talking with Sei in front of the entrance when I came down.

“Are you guys leaving already? You’re so studious! Many of the other noble students leave the seat holding to the commoner students and go slowly. The commoner kids are all early risers by nature, so they make good pocket money out of this.”

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