Chapter 473.1

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It’s the first step!
The next morning.
I did some light morning yoga as usual, and then went downstairs to get ready for the day.
At the bottom of the stairs, in the entrance hall, I met up with Sei and the others who had come down earlier.

“Good morning, Miss Cristea.”
“Good morning, Sei. You are early as usual.”

It seems to be Sei’s habit to get dressed and have breakfast after working out in the morning.

“Yaawn… morning. You guys must up early birds. I was under the impression that all children of the nobility, especially the new students, always overslept…”

Teacher Neil came slowly out of his room, scratching his head as we headed for the dining hall.
Unkempt hair and a wrinkled-up shirt… did he sleep like that… no, it might be that he didn’t sleep at all at night…

“Good morning, Teacher Neil.”
“Good Morning, Teacher. We will be preparing breakfast now… you are going to eat, right?”
“Yeah. I came down wanting to do just that… yaaawn.”

… Teacher Neil was probably living here alone until we joined the dormitory, but I don’t know how he could live all by himself.
I have a picture of Mrs. Dora scolding Teacher Neal in my mind.
Mrs. Dora must have had a hard time… Next time, I will ask Miria to bring some snacks over to her.

Since classes had started, we discussed with everyone and decided to have a simple breakfast.
The rice had been washed and soaked the day before, and Suzaku-sama cooked it for us while Byakko-sama was practicing with Sei.

“If it’s just watching the fire, you can leave it to me.” She said, so I decided to leave it to her.
On the way to the kitchen, I decided to make some miso soup and egg rolls, and make do with the leftover dishes and side dishes from the day before, as well as what I had in my inventory.


“Oh my, good morning, everyone.”

When we entered the kitchen, Suzaku-sama was taking the earthenware pot off the stove.
Eh, she’s done already!

“Good morning, Suzaku-sama. Sorry I’m late.”

I took out my apron from the inventory and quickly put it on.

“Don’t mind it, I must have started too early.”

Suzaku-sama unloaded the rest of the earthenware pots as she said this.
Even though the kitchen’s magic stove has several burners, there are times when everyone eats so much that we have to use multiple earthenware pots to cook rice to keep up.
There are times when I have to make miso soup and other side dishes, so it honestly helps to have freed up burners.
I think Suzaku-sama must have taken this into consideration and cooked the rice earlier.
While feeling thankful to her, I put a basket of eggs and an empty bowl on the kitchen table and called Kurogane and Mashiro.

“Thank you, Suzaku-sama. Kurogane, Mashiro, can you crack these eggs into the bowl and beat them for me?”
“Leave it to us.”

Kurogane dexterously cracked the eggs with one hand, while Mashiro carefully began to crack them with both hands.

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