Chapter 472.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Kaguya’s compromise.
Bird woman, she said… Suzaku-sama!?
What on earth did Suzaku-sama say?
Before I could confirm it, Kaguya quickly retreated to the bedroom.
Kurogane got up sluggishly and leaned back on the sofa, resting his head on my lap, so when I stroked his head while pouring my magic power, he pressed against them in comfort.
I knew he had been enduring earlier.
As a reward for his patience, I decided to let out a little more magic power for him.

(Hmph, she was talking about that woman, huh. However, if she continues to be afraid of us and keep on running away, we could leave her with that woman, away from my Lord, so that she would get used to us even if she doesn’t want to.)
“I see. So Kaguya made the biggest compromise she could and decided to just show up for dinner.”

As Kaguya said, being forced to play dress-up from morning till evening will be a difficult time for her, as she is afraid of the Suzaku-sama and the others.
… I think I will ask Suzaku-sama and Byakko-sama not to mess with her too much.
In the case of the two of them, I think they are just messing with Kaguya even more simply because she is unilaterally afraid and keeps running away…

(Hey, Cristea. Did anyone cause problems for you today?)
“N? Let’s see. We were in class all day, so nothing happened… I guess.”

The only thing that happened was that Alicia-san, the blonde-haired girl with vertical drills, glared at me, but nothing else.


(If anything happens, quickly call for us, okay? I will come right away.)
(Umu, it is our mission to relieve Lord of her sorrows. If you need anything, be sure to tell us.)
“All right. But I have to solve my issues by myself, unless there’s too many of them. That’s one of the things I will have to learn at the academy.”

If you just want to learn how to study, a private tutor will suffice.
I believe that the reason why both noble and commoner children with magic power enter the Adelia Academy is to be taught to understand their powers and use them correctly, so that they don’t go onto the wrong path when they enter the society, and at the same time, to build harmonious human relations.
That’s why I have to do my best, even though there have been some happenings since my first day at the academy.
I’m not thinking, “I have to get along with everyone!” But I don’t want to make enemies unnecessarily.
Alicia-san has been very hostile to me, but I have no intention of getting engaged to His Highness Raymond, so I’m sure her attitude will soften once she realizes that.
It will be difficult to clear up the misunderstanding right away, but I will just have to show it through my actions and attitude from now on, right?

“Cristea-sama, your bath is ready.”
“Okay~ I’m coming.”

As I made up my mind, Miria came to inform me, so I headed for the bath to regain my energy for tomorrow.

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