Chapter 511.1

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A moment of elegance.
“Once again, welcome, Special class. I am Martina, the teacher of the Nobility course.”

Teacher Martina introduced herself with a smile after making sure that all of us had entered the room. But her gaze seemed to be firmly observing us.
Speaking of which, my tutor, Teacher Retia, said, “From the moment you confront someone, they are watching you with strict eyes to see what kind of person you are. Your evaluation afterwards will be determined by how you behave.”
Perhaps, Teacher Martina was already judging us at this point.
I promptly did a lady’s curtsy.
Alicia-sama, of course, as well as the other noble children quickly began to bow, and the lower-ranking noble and merchant children went, “Eh, huh?” and were puzzled by their surroundings.
It’s difficult if you didn’t study manners before entering academy, right? But it’s something they will have to learn from now on.
I had a tutor, so if I didn’t do it right, it would ruin my tutor’s face… as expected of her, Alicia-sama was moving at about the same time as me, and the other kids were able to bow properly, albeit awkwardly, so I think it’s safe to say that they passed.
Mariel-chan, who was not tutored, was also surprised by my movements, but immediately imitated me and did the bow, so yes, she’s probably just safe…

“Oh my, I was worried when I heard that Teacher Neil would be in charge of this year’s Special class, but my fears were unfounded, as the students seem to be very bright.”

Teacher Martina laughed, ufufu.
I knew she was testing us. Scary!

“I was especially worried about you, err… Duke Ellisfeed’s… Norman-sama’s little sister, and you, Young lady of the Gruzier family. You both did beautifully. You are wonderful to be able to do that at your age.”

Teacher Martina’s words caused a stir among the upperclassmen. Oh, what is it about?

“Thank you very much.”
“T… thank you.”
“The rest of you were very good, too. Yes, if you continue to refine your skills, you will be able to do even better by the time of your social debut.”


… I think I heard a secondary voice saying, “I will properly correct you in the next few years.”
At any rate, I’m relieved that Alicia-sama and I were able to pass the test.

“Well, today you are going to observe a class of your seniors in the Nobility course… in the Nobility course, you will learn the manners necessary for social gatherings.”

I know. There is a wide range of things needed to learn, from how to behave to the theory of conversations, and even special skills each noble should possess.
All of these were already drilled into my body by Teacher Retia, who was very Spartan with her instructions…

“Since these students are close to their social debuts, you will have the opportunity to observe a special dance practice for our upcoming debutants.”

When the female students heard the word “dance,” they were all very excited.
Girls like dancing, don’t they? I can see why.
You are good, Teacher Martina. I guess she’s trying to attract the attention of the students who couldn’t even say hello to her properly by showing them the glamorous side via a dance, right?

“Well, firstly, as an example… His Highness Raymond and Eleanor-sama, Norman-sama and Claire-sama, would you please pair up and show the freshmen the dance?”

The four students appointed by Teacher Martina paired up and proceeded to the center of the room.
They bowed beautifully and then began to dance fluidly to the music.
In the Doristan Kingdom, balls are held for debutant children of the noble families who have come of age. Well, this one, like in my previous life, is dominated by women. It also serves as a group blind date for those without fiancées…
There is a certain dance and dress code for the debutants, so a certain amount of preparation is required.
The two couples’ dances were very beautiful, as they were nominated as role models.

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