Chapter 510.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Second day of observation.
Ah! That’s right! Marking!
This human is my contractor, so stay away from them! I have been marked by them as such.
Mashiro and Kurogane said that they did that before.

“Eh, aren’t we unable to participate in the Monsterology course’s observation, then?”
“Yeah, about that, I have been given this by Suzaku.”

Sei said this and pulled two scarlet feathers out of his pocket.

“These are…?”
“Wow, so pretty…!”
“These are Suzaku’s feathers. She said that if we wore this on our person, the monsters would not be frightened.”

I gazed intently at the feather Sei handed me.
It was so beautiful that it looked like a flickering flame in the sunlight.

“Mashiro-sama and Kurogane-sama would not like it, but she said that if we wear it for a while, the Magic Beasts will remember her Sacred Beast presence coming from us and calm down. Keep it on you and don’t lose it.”
“Wow, thank you so much…!”

I tucked the feather into my skirt pocket, so I wouldn’t lose it.

When we entered the classroom, not many students had arrived yet, so there weren’t many people around.
Adry-sama was talking to another student, but when he noticed us coming in, he waved and said, “Yo!”
Sei lightly waved “Hey,” and took a seat with us.
The other students who hadn’t arrived yet were rushing into the classroom when Teacher Neil wandered into the classroom.

“Hey, is everyone here? Today we’re going to start with the Nobility course, then the advanced course in Magic studies, followed by the Knight course, and finally, the major course in Monsterology, so follow me~”

After Teacher Neil explained the tour course in a relaxed manner, he was about to leave the classroom, so everyone got up in a hurry and followed him.


“First, the Nobility course, but there is a Royal student there at this time, so don’t make a fuss or be rude.”

As we were being taken to a different training building from yesterday, Teacher Neil said something like that.
Eh, a Royal student, is it perhaps…
Just as I had a bad feeling about this, Teacher Neil knocked on the classroom door with a thump.

“Excuse me~! New students of the special class have come for a visit~”

No, Teacher Neil. You just told us not to be rude!!
Just as he was about to knock again, oblivious to the pale students, the door opened.

“Teacher Neil, how many times do I have to tell you… can’t you make your visits more elegant?”

A woman wearing silver-rimmed glasses with dark brown hair pulled back in an up-do, with an air of a teacher around her, was looking at Teacher Neil with displeasure.
Huh, she looks kind of familiar…
I had a sense of déjà vu, and then the woman who looked like a teacher looked at the students and smiled with a faked ladylike smile.

“Well, welcome and thank you for coming. You must have come to observe your seniors, right?”

With that, she opened the door wide and led us inside.
As we stepped inside, I saw two familiar figures.

“Miss Cristea?”

… I knew it.
The Crown Prince, His Highness Raymond and my Oniisama were surprised to see me.

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