Chapter 510.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Second day of observation.
“There will also be the nephew of Teacher Rodney in the Magic tools course, uhh…”
“Yes, he seems to be hostile towards you, isn’t he?”
“Oh… that. He says he admires Teacher Marlen as the leading magic tool craftsman, but he doesn’t like the fact that I had Teacher Marlen all to myself as my tutor before I entered the academy.”

Well, he had been making me Magic tools for controlling my magic power since I was born, and if anything, he was also my Oniisama’s tutor.
From my point of view, he’s an easygoing Grandpa who, outside of his tutoring job, enjoyed a carefree, retired life.

“I see what you mean. But Teacher Marlen returned to the academy this year, so there should be no problem, no?”

Sei said in exasperation.
Well, in Ronnie-sama’s case, it’s a plain jealousy…

“Yes, but… it’s not like Teacher Marlen returned to teach Monsterology or the Magic tools course, so I doubt he will have much opportunity to learn directly from him.”

Now that Teacher Neil and Teacher Rodney are here, I guess Teacher Marlen will be acting mainly as an advisor. I think.

“Well, that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities at all, so I don’t think you need to worry about it that much.”
“I hope so… Ah, not good. It’s almost time.”

I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost time for us to leave.

“You are right, let’s go.”

Sei also rushed at my words, put away the dishes and hurried to the front door.


Mariel-chan was waiting for us a short distance from the special dormitory. Mariel-chan was also exempt from the general education course, so I should have invited her to the special dormitory in the morning.

“Cristea-sama, Sei-sama, hello!”
“Good morning, Mariel-san.”
“Good morning.”

After exchanging greetings, we started walking side by side.

“I take it the Sacred Beasts will not be accompanying us today?”
“Yes, we are going to observe the Monsterology course today, don’t we? We don’t want the monsters to be frightened or get out of control.”

They really wanted to follow me, but Teacher Neil also asked me not to let them go because of the possibility of the weaker monsters dying of shock or panicking and lashing out in an attempt to escape.
I heard Suzaku-sama say before that she had disciplined the monsters in the training building… but you never know what will happen if Sacred Beasts other than Suzaku-sama come barging in.
It’s not hard to imagine what might happen, after considering Kaguya’s reaction to Byakko-sama.
Kurogane and Mashiro said things like, “Kuhh… if this is the case, I should have suppressed them beforehand.” Or “N~ couldn’t I just silence them if they lashed out?”
I had a bad feeling about it, so I gave them a strict order not to follow me today.
Only Byakko-sama said, “It’s too much trouble, and there’s no reason for us to go. If you think there’s a problem, just call for us.” And went to take a nap. How free…
I think my kids are too overprotective.

“I see… It would certainly be dangerous if the Magic Beasts got out of control or something.”
“That’s right. It’s also possible that they will get frightened just with our presence, too.”

Eh? What does he mean?”

“What do you mean, they might be frightened?”

Mariel-chan seemed to have the same question.

“We are living with Sacred Beasts, so we have a strong presence, or rather traces, of them on us. They may sense this and become frightened or violent.”

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