Chapter 510.1

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Second day of observation.
The next day, we spent the morning relaxing in the special dormitory, since it was general education time.
Sei seemed to be practicing swordsmanship with Byakko-sama, while I spent my time in the kitchen preparing food.
With all those food-crazed Sacred Beasts around, who were always begging for snacks, the stock in my inventory started dwindling before I noticed.
I had Kurogane, Mashiro, and Miria help me make a variety of dishes.
Today’s lunch consisted of the standard Onigiri, Orc soup with lots of ingredients, and Tamagoyaki.
After everyone has eaten lunch and had after-dinner tea, we needed to move on. Still…

“We have been observing all afternoon. I wonder when we will be able to attend the classes.”

I’m exempt from general education, so even though classes have started, I don’t really feel like I’m studying. It doesn’t feel like a campus life… at all.

“The students who were undecided about their courses of choice will probably decide after today’s observation where they want to go, and it won’t be long now.”
“I hope so…”

To be honest, I am a little lost after our observation yesterday.
Because, no matter how I looked, Teacher Rodney, seemed to be the same kind of person as Teacher Neil…
But, thinking about it carefully, that magic tool craftsman who runs the magic tool shop in our fief was also called “The Magic Tool Lunatic”.
I feel that most of the magic tool enthusiasts are a bit out of touch with the general public, just like Teacher Rodney.
I would like to choose the magic tool course as I want to make useful tools for cooking, but I’m not sure if I would fit in.
Also, I realized from the atmosphere in the lab.
I was a nerd in a previous life, so I get it.
The Monsterology and magic tool courses are both swamps that you can’t get out of if you get into them.
The more you get into them, the deeper you get into the bottomless swamp.
I, being a nerd at heart, knew that even though I only wanted to take a foot bath in that swamp, I knew that I would end up in a mess that I would never get out of.
The students in the practice lab were proof of that, weren’t they?
In my case, though, I would like to think it won’t get that bad… because of my purpose of cooking.
However, nerds are creatures of extremes…!

“My Lord, what is it?”


Kurogane peered into my face, seeing my agony.

“Eh, ahh, just a little something. I am having trouble choosing courses for myself…”
“N? I thought you had already decided, Miss Cristea?”
“I did, but… I am hesitating if I should choose the magic tool course after yesterday’s observation.”

Sei smiled wryly, perhaps remembering the exchange between the teachers yesterday.

“If there is something you want to do there, you might want to make the choice now…. But, even if you won’t choose to go there this time, you can still start the next year.”
“… If I start next year, I would be taking classes with the underclassmen, right?”
“It would become like that.”

Would I feel more comfortable learning with kids who don’t know me?
No, I wouldn’t know if the kids who didn’t know about this year’s debut and were curious about the Sacred Beasts would start hanging around me… I would like to avoid that.

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