Chapter 509.2

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Let’s make some snacks!
“Thank you for waiting!”

Just before entering the lounge, I took the fries out of my Inventory and put them on the wagon, so they were still hot.
The fries were served with ketchup and mustard. I also prepared mayonnaise at Mariel-chan’s request.

“T, this is…?”

Adry-sama was puzzled by the pile of potato fries he was seeing for the first time.

“These are called fries, they are potatoes that have been cut, deep-fried, and sprinkled with salt. You pick them up with your fingers like this to eat them.”

When I showed him how to eat them, he gulped and picked up one of the fries.

“I, it’s h, hot…?
“It’s best served hot. Go ahead and eat.”

Adry-sama looked around as everyone was picking up fries one after the other and putting them in their mouths, and then, as if determined, he threw one into his mouth.

“…! Hotsh! But, sublime!”

His sparkling eyes locked onto the fries, and he picked up several fries at once and began to munch and chew.
Good, he likes them.
Oh, yes, I have to recommend these, too.

“It’s delicious on its own, but it’s also great with ketchup or mustard, you know?”
“I also recommend mayonnaise!”

I took a small plate of ketchup and mustard and recommended them to Adry-sama, and Mariel-chan immediately pushed mayonnaise as well.

“Ah, and if you mix mayonnaise with ketchup… here! I also recommend this!”

… Even Aurora sauce.
Mariel-chan’s mayonnaise recommendation is incredible.

“N! This tastes great with any of them!”

The variety of flavors makes it so that Adry-sama’s hands never seemed to stop moving.
Just as I was thinking, ‘You are going to get thirsty if you eat too much…’, Miria poured him another cup of tea. That’s Miria for you.


“We can’t lose to this guy!”

Byakko-sama and the others, not to be outdone by Adry-sama’s vigor, joined in the fight, and in no time at all the potato fries, which were supposed to be deep-fried in large quantities, were gone.

“Hah~… that was delicious. Hey, can I come to eat this again?”

Adry-sama said, pointing to the empty plate.

“I don’t know… this time I treated you as a guest, but next time, I’m going to have you help as a friend, you know? The motto of the special dormitory is: If one will not work, they shall not eat’, after all.”
“I… will have to help you make these, too?”

I would be troubled if he kept coming over to play only for the snacks, after all. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to, okay?
If he just wants to get together and chat, there’s the cafeteria and the salon building.
I don’t want people to think that this is the norm, so I have to draw a certain line somewhere.

“Alright~! I will do it, I will do it! If I learn how to make this, I can have this at home, right? I’ll definitely help you!”
“Eh? S, sure…”

Oh, he doesn’t mind? I thought he would hate cooking and helping out because he was a pampered young master.

“W, what do I do… I’m losing out to a boy in terms of girl power…”

Mariel-chan, you are blurting this out, but in your case, there’s a problem before that, okay…?
Adry-sama happily stood up and extended his hand to Mariel-chan.

“I’ll come again soon then! Miss Mariel, it’s almost time to go back to the dormitory, so let’s go back together!”
“Fueh!? Y, yesh? Ish that awright?”

Mariel-chan… you are cute but really disappointing at times… it’s okay since you are cute, though.

“We are taking the same road, and it’s just around the corner anyway, so let’s go!”
“Y, yes!”

Adry-sama grabbed Mariel-chan’s hand, stood her up and headed for the front door. Eh, how overbearing!?
We hurriedly followed them to the door and saw them off.
… If this was an Otome Game, Adry-sama would be a forceful, ore-sama, brain-muscle character.
The back view of the two of them going to the dormitory together looked like a young and heartwarming couple, but it’s… too bad, one of them is a regrettable rotten young lady.
I’m sure she’s thinking, “In this situation, you would do this and do that… gufufu” while she was nervously replying to Adry-sama. Yeah.
That’s how my friend was in a previous life, too… (distant look)

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