Chapter 511.2

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A moment of elegance.
“Ahh… how happy I am to see His Highness Raymond and Norman-sama dancing so close to me… hahh, so dreamy…”
“I can’t help but sigh at how beautiful Eleanor-sama and Claire-sama look. I wonder who their dance partners will be on their debut?”

The students who were observing the show and the upperclassmen could be heard whispering such things.
I have never seen His Highness Raymond and Oniisama dance before, but they were very good dancers. I didn’t know that…
And their partners, Eleanor-sama and Claire-sama, were so wonderful… right now, because they were in uniforms, it was only the laces heaped on the hem of their skirts that was fluttering around, but if it were a dress, it would surely be a gorgeous and elegant scene, they would be like two large flowers.
I took a few classes in my previous life because of a ballroom dancing manga that became an anime, so I know how hard it is to be able to dance at that level.
It’s hard to dance gracefully while maintaining the correct posture.
While I was admiring the performance, the song ended, and when each of the pair of dancers bowed, there was a round of applause from everyone around them.

“That was splendid. Everyone should try their best to dance as beautifully as this.”

When Teacher Martina smiled at us, a part of the upperclassmen became expressionless, so I became highly suspicious that Teacher Martina, just like Teacher Retia, is a teacher with Spartan vigor.
We are going to have to work hard on this one, Mariel-chan…!
I also have to practice properly because I just barely passed the dance evaluation by Teacher Retia.
… That’s because I did not have a sparring opponent (partner) when I practiced dance back at the fief.
I asked Teacher Retia to do the male part, but there was too much of a height difference between the two of us… tch, it can’t be helped since I was just a pipsqueak!
But I still got a passing grade from Teacher Retia, so I was happy about that.
Hah, I guess I’m going to practice with Mashiro and Sei.

“Well then, let’s move on to the next visit! Teacher Martina, thank you for your time~!”

While I was thinking about this and that, Teacher Neil started to head to the next course, so we bowed to Teacher Martina and the senior students before leaving the hall.
I glanced over at Oniisama and saw him smiling and waving at me. His Highness Raymond also waved his hand in a small motion, so the girls who were about to leave the hall started screaming, and Teacher Martina gave them a cold look and warned them, “Be quiet, please.” H, how scary.
And then, while we were moving to the next destination, Alicia-sama also stared at me.
… Ugh, even though I didn’t do anything wrong.


Teacher Neil stopped a short distance away from the students that were taking a class and called out.

“Teacher Carsooon! I’m here with the new students for an observation~!”

The robed instructor looked at him and raised his cane, signaling his approval.
The instructor gave some instructions to the students, and they lined up a few at a time and began chanting, releasing their magic at a target in the distance.

“Ohh~! Incredible!”

The boys who were watching cheered as they saw the water cutters, fireballs, and other offensive magic hit the targets one after another.
Teacher Carson came toward us, looking at practice with a sideways glance.

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