Chapter 318

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Tirie-san’s visit.
While slowly drinking tea with Otousama at the parlor, Tirie-san arrived.

“Cristea-chaaaan, welcome baaack!”

The moment Tirie-san entered, he rushed over wanting to embrace me, but Kurogane in his human form stepped in at the last moment, thus Tirie-san’s vigorous embrace wasn’t received by me but Kurogane. T, that was a close one.

“Aan, you bully! … But well, this also has some side benefits, ufufufufu.”

Tirie-san brushed through Kurogane’s hair while protesting… wasn’t this your real goal to begin with?

“I won’t let you touch Lord as you please. Of course, neither myself.”

Kurogane tossed Tirie-san away in discomfort.

“An, geez! That’s unfortunate.”

… I have problems with Tirie-san’s girly and seducing way of sitting.

“Oy Tirie, we have expressly returned home because you had some kind of business, you remember? You can leave if you want to continue acting stupid!”

Otousama couldn’t hide his displeasure towards Tirie-san who nearly got to embrace me.

“Oh my, isn’t that just a little bit of a greeting? Men with no composure are going to get disliked, you know?”
“I don’t want to be liked by you! Go, leave now!”

Otousama pointed at the door with a vein popping at his temple.

“N, geez. I get it.”

Sitting at the sofa while complaining that Otousama can’t take a joke, Tirie-san first took a cup of tea, enjoying the fragrance and took a sip.

“Haa, what a nice fragrance… you see, it’s about the matter of the bacon.”

I thought so. I couldn’t think any urgent business Tirie-san might have except the bacon.


“What’s wrong with the bacon. Wasn’t the Adventurer’s Guild already supposed to start the sales?”

Yeah, indeed the brand and additional smokehouses were built before leaving for the Capital, and the preparations were finished in no time. As I have taught the workers how to smoke the food, they should have been operating without any problems.

“Remember the food sampling Cristea-chan was talking about? Well, we did that and sold a limited amount at the guild’s bar, but the reaction was terrific… it all got sold in the blink of an eye.”
“It’s delicious even when simply baked, the recipes for the stir-fry and pot-au-feu Cristea-chan gave us were also well-received, the owner of the nearby tavern also wants to purchase bacon to start using it as well… even if we sell one per person every day, they get sold out before the end of the morning.”

Hiee… to think it would be this popular.

“And then, the servants Duke sent to the guild for the delivery has been robbed along the way. Recently, our guild staff had to take over the delivery of the orc meat for the processing.”

What. Something like that happened?

“It would be bad if the shortage of goods continued for too long, so I was wondering if we could increase the amount of delivered of goods… what do you think?”
“Erm, I believe the workers should have their hands full with the amount they are making now.”

I think that would be impossible considering the labor of the workers and the capacity of the smokehouses.
… Huh? Wait a moment? Every day? You are not telling me that the workers are working every day without taking a break, are you? I won’t allow such hard labor!

“Otousama, are the workers resting properly? Please don’t tell me they work without taking breaks…”

I confirmed with Otousama in panic.

“Ah, there’s no problem. Currently, our chefs are lending a helping hand and are skillfully rotating.”

Hoh. I’m glad. But, with the present conditions, it would be impossible to increase the number of delivered goods, wouldn’t it?

“Tirie-san, unless you can secure more workers…”
“I know. That’s why I came to consult with you. If there’s a need to increase the workers, then there’s a child I’d like to employ.”

Tirie-san said while winking.

“A child you want to employ…?”

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