Chapter 568.2

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Today, I am…
“Oh, Ruby-dono. Have you all come? We’ve been waiting.”

Leading the slow-moving Mariel-chan, we entered the training ground, where Master Marlen, Ronnie-sama, and Adry-sama were waiting.

“You guys, why did you keep Teacher Marlen waiting like this?”
“W-we are terribly sorry…!”

In a hurry to Ronnie-sama’s reproachful voice, I ran over, and Master Marlen lightly tapped Ronnie-sama’s head with the cane he was holding.

“Hey, we just came early on our own, so there’s no need to blame them like that.”
“…! I-I’m terribly sorry!”
“What good does it do to apologize to me? It doesn’t concern me, you know?”

When Master Marlen turned to us with a questioning look, Ronnie-sama bowed and said, “… I apologize.” Wow, Ronnie-sama is surprisingly obedient when it comes to Master Marlen.

“All right. So, what do you intend to practice today?”

Master Marlen looked at us with a cheerful expression.

“I’m glad you asked! Today’s stars are me and Mariel!”

Ruby stood in front of us, holding the cane she took from his inventory in his right hand, and lifting the brim of his silk hat with his left hand while striking a pose.

“… Ruby-dono and Miss Mariel are the stars today? I apologize, but may I inquire about the details?”


Master Marlen glanced at me briefly before asking Ruby.
Oh, it seems like Master Marlen had assumed I would be doing something.
Too bad! Today, I’m just a background character.

“Fufufu… Today, we’ll be practicing coordination and shooting using this!”

Ruby spun the cane in a circle, then struck it in front of him with a loud sound and posed with both hands… or should I say both front legs?
… What’s with Ruby and his excessive theatrics?
And his cane handling is always so mysterious.
How does he make it stick to him with magic power…?
Mariel-chan was whispering next to me, saying things like, “Cute…!” or “Yes, that angle!” Could it be that… Mariel-chan is the one in charge of pose supervision?!

“… That cane seems to be a magic tool. So, what do you mean by ‘shooting’ with it?”

Master Marlen raised an eyebrow and stroked his chin, examining Ruby’s wand.

“A magic tool?! That cane?!”

In response to Master Marlen’s words, Ronnie-sama lowered his posture and began to scrutinize the cane while lifting his glasses.

“Huh? Is that a magic tool? That’s amazing, so cool!”

Adry-sama gazed at Ruby, who was striking a pose with sparkling eyes.

“It’s exactly as it sounds. Well, why don’t we show you for real? What do you think, Mariel?”

Ruby said this and turned around, but Mariel-chan, who had returned to reality, froze in place.

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