Chapter 568.3

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Today, I am…
“Fumu, that’s true. Come on, bring those targets from over there.”

Prompted by Master Marlen, Ronnie-sama and Adry-sama rushed to retrieve the targets leaning against the training ground wall.
Adry-sama, with his swift legs, reached the target in no time, while Ronnie-sama, a bit slower, stumbled as he lifted the target.
Master Marlen watched this and began to chant.

“Stone Wall!”

After finishing the incantation and activating the magic, the ground rumbled, and a wall appeared.

“Whoa! Amazing!”
“As expected of Teacher Marlen…!”

Excited, the two of them, holding the target, returned and inspected the earthen wall from the front and back.

“Now, hang the targets there.”

Placing the targets on a protrusion on the wall, they rushed over to Master Marlen when he beckoned.

“The targets are ready. Please, go ahead and show us.”

Master Marlen smiled as he turned back and addressed Ruby.

“Oh my, thank you. But will this be alright?”

Ruby, could you stop looking at me here…?
I was scolded just yesterday.
Oh, I forgot to deliver the letter from Otousama to Master Marlen! This is bad!


“By alright… you mean?”

I suddenly averted my gaze, and Ruby seemed to remember, saying, “No, it’s nothing,” with a forced chuckle.

“Well then, shall we give it a try, Mariel?”

“Uh… Y-Yes…”

Mariel-chan stood a bit away from the target, and Ruby hopped and moved even further away.

“Let’s go, Mariel!”
“…? What in the world…!?”

As the two moved apart, Master Marlen, who found it peculiar, asked what was happening.
At that moment, the cane disappeared from Ruby’s hand and reappeared in Mariel-chan’s hand.

“E… ey!”

Mariel-chan somehow managed to catch the cane, aimed it like a pistol, and shouted.
A large water sphere was created and compressed as it shrank, then it was released towards the target.
The water sphere pierced the target, causing the earthen wall behind it to rupture.

“… Huh?”

Not only Master Marlen but also Ronnie-sama and Andry-sama were left staring at the spot where the target had been.
… Hah, that familiar reaction.
But this time, it wasn’t my mistake.
Today, I’m just an extra.
I’ll repeat it because it’s important!

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