Chapter 569.1

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That’s it!
“Ah, awawa…”

Mariel-chan, realizing she had caused a commotion from the reaction of the Master Marlen and others, began to panic.

“Mariel-san, are you okay!?”

Sei and I rushed over, and although we checked Mariel-chan to ensure she wasn’t injured, it seemed like she was fine.
Sei stood in front of Mariel-chan to hide her from the bewildered looks of the Master Marlen and others and asked with concern.

“It seems to have more power than yesterday, but what exactly happened?”
“Well… I, I just shot at the target just like before… but why did something like that happen…?”
“For just shooting at the target, it’s quite a spectacle…”

Sei appeared to be puzzled. The water magic set at the lowest level in yesterday’s test shot had only enough power to break the target.
Even so, it was set at that level because it was sufficient for repelling enemies. However, the current shot seemed to have more power. The wall wasn’t as strong as the wall I made yesterday, but it should have left most of the target intact, with just a little dent behind it.
However, it had completely collapsed.

“Eh? Unm… Ah!”
“What’s wrong, Mariel-san?”
“Th-the settings have changed from one to two…”

Upon taking a closer look at Mariel-chan’s hand, I noticed that the dial for switching the magic power output had shifted up one level.
It was cleverly disguised to look like an ordinary decoration, and it was difficult to distinguish at first glance. However, we managed to figure it out because Owen-san had shown us how it worked.
This cane should only allow magic registrants, other than Owen-san, to adjust the settings. But if Mariel-chan, who is visibly shaken, is the culprit…

“Yeah? What’s up?”


I glared at Ruby, who had instantly teleported in response to my call.

“This. You’re the one who tampered with these settings, Ruby, aren’t you?”
“Oh, so you found out?”

Ruby responded without a hint of remorse. Just as I suspected!

“You found out? You say. We agreed to set it to the minimum level one, didn’t we?”
“But, you know, that was a bit dull, don’t you think?”
“Dull is just fine! Even at that level, it has enough power. And Owen-san and the others said it’s better to be able to cast multiple attack spells, right?”

When I said that to Ruby, Mariel-chan and Sei nodded in agreement.

“Oh, come on. That’s so boring. Fine, I got it.”

Ruby reluctantly gathered magic energy at the tip of his foreleg and touched the dial, which appeared seamless, causing it to smoothly return to the lowest output setting of one.
How is he even moving it!?

In any case, even after resetting the settings, the target area was severely damaged. …Or rather, didn’t the wall explode?
And as for Waterball, did it even shrink in size?

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