Chapter 568.1

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Today, I am…
The next day, after finishing our morning classes and having lunch, we headed to the training grounds we had applied for.

“Hah… Special training, huh…”

Mariel-chan sighed, wearing a gloomy expression.

“Mariel-san, do your best. With such a powerful weapon, it’s essential to ensure that you can coordinate properly. It will be crucial in case of an emergency, you know?”

Yesterday, we extensively tested the magic output, so there were no issues regarding its power.
If there was a problem, it lay in the coordination when Ruby handed the wand to Mariel-chan.
Even though Ruby called out, “Here I go, Mariel!” and teleported the cane to Mariel-chan’s hand, she sometimes failed to catch it, fumbling and dropping it or attempting to grab it forcefully, sending it flying far away.
If things continued this way, it was certain that in a critical moment, the opponent would easily snatch the cane from her.

I added a user restriction to the cane, ensuring that only Ruby and Mariel-chan could activate magic via the cane. So, even if the cane was stolen, it couldn’t be used. That aspect was reassuring. However, at that moment, Mariel-chan would be defenseless.

“I’m scared that I might accidentally unleash magic the moment I grasp it…”

Mariel-chan stared at her palm, looking dejected.

While we were talking, we arrived at the training grounds. I handed our permission cards to the staff at the management office next to the entrance, and they let us in.
Students usually leave unnecessary items in the locker room during breaks or after school, as they might have writing tools and educational materials with them. However, we had no afternoon classes, and, moreover, we had inventory access, so we proceeded directly to the training grounds down the corridor.

“Well, this time it’s just practice to coordinate calmly and avoid any misfires. Besides, we thoroughly tested and used up most of the magic power from the magic stones yesterday, so I don’t think you can cast very large spells today.”
“Yeah, that’s right! If we’re short on magic power, there’s not much we can do, yeah!”

A smile lit up on Mariel-chan’s face in reaction to my words. Cute.


“Why are you being so optimistic?”

With an exasperated tone, Ruby emerged from Mariel-chan’s shadow.

“… Huh?”
“Are you underestimating the amount of magic power we, the Sacred Beasts, possess? I already filled it up this morning, you know?”

Mariel-chan looked down with a creaky, robot-like movement, and Ruby puffed up his chest with a smug expression.

“It’s over…”
“Mariel-san, hang in there!”

Mariel-chan looked like she might collapse backward, so both Sei and I hurried to support her.

“It’s not over yet. The special training starts now.”

With those words, Ruby did a half-turn and hopped forward.

“… Can I go home?”

Mariel-chan pleaded with half-closed eyes, but Sei and I could only shake our heads wryly and pat Mariel’s shoulder to encourage her.

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