Chapter 567.2

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It was not foolproof!
“That could indeed be troublesome…”

“Why is it always Miss Cristea…!?” I can almost hear the envy after he learns of my private lessons.

“We-well, for that matter, we might have to consult with Teacher Marlen and see if he can accommodate Ronnie-sama during class.”

Sei advised, giving us a wry smile while watching us sigh in exasperation.

“True, we’ll have to discuss it when I deliver the letter from Otousma.”

Since we’ll be training with Ronnie-sama after the break, we’ll have to see how things go and come up with a plan.

With renewed spirits, we spent some leisure time sipping tea until I received the letter from Otousama.

As we returned to the special dormitory, Teacher Neil emerged from his office, which also served as the dorm supervisor’s room.

“Hey, everyone’s back. Must be nice, going out with the Sacred Beasts… I wish I could’ve gone too!”

Teacher Neil’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Byakko-sama and the others.


“A, ahaha… Oh, by the way! Teacher, have you had your meal yet?”

When I forcefully changed the subject, he rubbed his stomach, as if he had forgotten about it.

“Actually, I forgot to eat this weekend because I was so engrossed in my research. I started feeling hungry a while ago and just was heading to the cafeteria, hoping to find something to eat.”

He hasn’t eaten for nearly two days!?
No wonder he looks pale and wobbly!

“Teacher Neil… Please make sure to eat properly!”
“As a teacher, you shouldn’t make us students worry about you!”
“I-I’m sorry…”
“(As the advisor of the special class) Your body is not only yours, so don’t overdo it, okay?”
“For now, there should be something in the cafeteria’s Magic Box. Please have that.”

I watched as Sei and Byakko-sama supported the unsteady Teacher Neil and led him to the cafeteria.
I had a feeling his steps felt lighter once Byakko-sama lent him support, but maybe that was just my imagination… or maybe not.
Sigh, seriously.

Teacher Neil can be quite troublesome in some ways, but he’s so engrossed in Magic Thanks to that, I was able to push through the dining hall and kitchen issues, and the frequency of his pestering has decreased thanks to the nail in the coffin from the Headmaster, which was really helpful, and so far, I think we’ve managed to maintain a reasonable distance.
That’s why, even though he can be a handful, I hope he keeps up the good work, so we won’t have to deal with the hassle of a new dorm supervisor.
Just keep doing things in moderation, though.

“Now, Mariel-san. Change your clothes first and prepare for dinner… Mariel-san?”
“Your body is not only yours? Good… His partner… Let’s see, a Magic Tool Fanatic x Magic Beast Enthusiast? Yeah, sounds good.”

In various ways, Mariel-chan, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

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