Chapter 437.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s enjoy our meal.
I wondered about Teacher Neil’s behavior, but my instincts told me that this was probably something I shouldn’t get into… so I decided to continue eating quietly.
Teacher Neil seemed to have finished taking notes as he put down his pen with a satisfied look on his face and picked up his spoon again.

“Oh my… even though they are Sacred Beasts, their behavior is not much different from ordinary people… their emotions are more abundant than I thought.”

Yes, that’s correct. They are never rational when it comes to meals. Especially Byakko-sama.

“The extent of emotions one shows is dependent on the individual, no? Besides that, there’s the influence of having been among people for such a long time and the influence of our Lords.”

Byakko-sama said while stuffing his mouth with an omelet.
Certainly. There’s Genbu-sama who finds most of things troublesome so the ups and downs of his emotions are scarce, so there definitely is individual differences.
I am Kurogane and Mashiro’s first contractor so they haven’t been influenced that much, but what about Byakko-sama and others who have been protecting generations of the candidates for the Emperor successors?

“Individual differences and the lord’s influence…! Does that mean that people can influence Sacred Beasts!?”
“No, I don’t know about that, but… oi, are you listening?”

Teacher Neil began scribbling on his notepad again. This guy is hopeless.
I have seen people in my past life who didn’t care what they did when they got carried away, and Teacher Neil seems to be that type of person.
I let out a sigh and called out to him.

“… Teacher Neil, please concentrate on eating during the meal. You can write the notes later, right?”

I want him to eat the omelet and pot-au-feu while it’s still warm.
He’s not a child, so I’m sure he understands that what he is doing is bad manners.
I’m not sure if it’s because he has been living at the school for so long, or because he has been holed up in the special dormitory and research building all this time, but I feel like Teacher Neil is out of touch.
He’s more of a nerd than a researcher…
It is good to have something that you are passionate about, but I personally think that you need to have a sense of propriety in your daily life, and I want him to make sure that he keeps that in check.

“Eh… yes, you are right. But I’m almost done…”
“Lord spoke up. Quickly put it away or I’m going to burn it.”
“Hieh! U, u, understood!”

When Kurogane spoke to him with a glare, Teacher Neil quickly put away his notepad.

“You should have just burnt it without saying anything.”
“Eh!? I, I would like you to not do that!?”

At Mashiro’s sharp remark, Teacher Neil put his hand protectively in his pocket where he kept his notepad.


“Kurogane, Mashiro, stop saying something so scary. I apologize, Teacher Neil… I believe that the secret to having a good meal is to eat warm food while it’s still warm. I don’t want to feed someone who cannot appreciate the hard work I put into cooking the meal.”

When I said so, Teacher Neil said “I, I am ashamed…” with a shocked face and started eating obediently. Good boy.

“If it’s burning you want, just leave it to me. I have no difficulty burning things without causing injuries. Even if it’s in a pocket, I’ll make sure it’s cleanly burnt into cinders.”

Suzaku-sama said as she laughed out gracefully ‘hoho’… while making her way to the pot with an empty plate in her hands.
Going to help herself to a second helping while saying something so dangerous!

“Well, there are many ways to make that piece of paper disappear. The reason we let you write it down is because our lords haven’t stop you. Don’t get it wrong, alright? It’s not just the paper we can make disappear.”
“Hieh…! U, understood!!”

Teacher Neil was trembling after hearing what Byakko-sama, who passed by him and lined up behind humming Suzaku-sama, had to say.
… Oi, you are getting another helping!?

“Tora, Suzaku. Teacher Neil is our teacher. Don’t be so rude.”

As I was exhausted from mentally interjecting, Sei lowered down his spoon and cautioned the two.

“… Please excuse my rudeness.”
“Got it… sorry ‘bout that.”
“Eh… ah, yes! Umm, it was my fault to begin with, so there’s no need to apologize…”

Suzaku-sama and Byakko-sama who were scolded by Sei apologized and Teacher Neil tried to stop them in fluster. Then, Sei stood up.

“Teacher Neil. I apologize for the rudeness of my contracted Sacred Beasts… However, I also hope that you will speak and behave befitting of our teacher.”
“Ah… yes. I will be careful…”

Sei made his way towards the pot with his plate… Sei, you too!?
The full pot of pot-au-feu got emptied in no time.

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