Chapter 436.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fluffy and melty.
Soon after, Teacher Neil returned, and we all took seats in the cafeteria together.

“Ohh, this looks delicious!”

Teacher Neil was all smiles while looking at the food on the table.

“It doesn’t only look delicious, it tastes, without a doubt, delicious too.”
“That’s right, Cristea’s meals are the yummiest!”

Now, now, Mr. Kurogane, Mr. Mashiro, could you please stop, it’s embarrassing, okay?
As if to interrupt their compliments, I stood up and pointed to the wagon in front of the kitchen counter and explained.

“I have prepared a cheese omelet, pot-au-feu, and brown bread for you today. There’s more pot-au-feu in that pot, so if you need more, just get it yourself.”

Miria offered to serve the table, but that would be too difficult with the appetite of the devils, I mean, the sacred beasts, and I also wanted her to eat with us, so I decided for the seconds to be self-serving.
I already had Seiryou-sama, Genbu-sama, and Kaguya’s portions delivered to their rooms, so there won’t be any mistakes.
I told Kaguya to come with us to the cafeteria but she refused with: “I don’t feel like eating a meal with those frightening guys!”

She can’t stay confined in the room forever, so I think making her give up will be key.
… This reminds me that I hadn’t told Teacher Neil about Kaguya yet.
Kaguya is currently in a cat’s form, but she’s originally a magic beast, so it would be better to inform him soon.
I got completely absorbed in my work in the kitchen that I totally forgot about it.

“Delicious! This is truly splendid!”

Teacher Neil’s eyes lit up as soon as he took a bite of the omelet and he began to gobble it up.


“I’m glad it suits your tastes.”

Everyone else was eating silently, gracefully, and at a great speed.
While Miria and I were dumbfounded, Byakko-sama stood up and walked quickly to the pot of pot-au-feu with a plate in his hand.
Without a moment’s pause, Kuroganeand Mashiro also stood up and headed for the pot as well. Ehhh…
Kurogane seized the hand of Byakko-sama who was holding the ladle and forced his arm up…

“… What are you doing, Blacky.”
“Call me Kurogane. We will be the first to get a second helping of Lord’s cooking.”
“Ah? There are no rules like that. Besides, I helped to make this too. You get your turn after me.”

After having such an exchange, Byakko-sama and Kurogane glared at each other.
Hieh… would you please stop starting a Sacred Beast War over a second helping!?
Then, among the turbulent atmosphere, Mashiro picked up the ladle and scooped himself seconds from the pot.

“Cristea said that those who fight will get no seconds, you know? Are you stupid?”

“Oh! T, that’s right! It’s just as Mashiro said! You mustn’t quarrel in the dormitory… no, at the academy’s grounds! I will be forced to prohibit you from having second helpings, Kurogane.”
“Wha! Lord, isn’t that too cruel!?”
“Tora, you will be prohibited from having second helpings if you continue these pointless disputes too!”
“Wha! Me too!?”

When Sei followed-up after me, the two slowly separated.

“Properly queue up after each other if you want a second helping!”

When I said so, the two looked at each other and reluctantly lined up behind Mashiro.
Seemingly aware that he started the quarrel, Kurogane obediently lined up behind Byakko-sama.
Alright, good boy. I will brush you later.
Teacher Neil who was watching us was scribbling into his notepad with utmost effort, but what’s that about…?

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