Chapter 436.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fluffy and melty.
“U, umm, Cristea-sama. Is this enough…?”

Miria, who was watching our exchange, timidly asked if the amount of onions she had presented in the bowl was appropriate.

“Thank you, Miria. That’s just the right amount.”

Miria looked relieved as I accepted the bowl with a smile.
I’m sure she was surprised and scared when she saw that exchange. I was too.
I put the chopped cabbage and chopped celery in a bowl and took out the consommé soup stock I had in my inventory.

“We have to use this, too.”

Then, I took out the bacon from my inventory, which was made by our Ellisfeed family.


“Oh! That thing is really yummy, isn’t it!”
“Yes, it’s very flavorsome and delicious.”
“Thank you very much. The workers would be really delighted to hear that.”

I chopped the bacon into pieces that would be suitable for a pot-au-feu with lots of vegetables, put the oil in a pan and fry all the vegetables except the cabbage together with the bacon well, then I added the cabbage.
Then I poured in the soup stock, added salt and pepper, simmered it all, and that was it.
Next I sliced brown bread thinly and heated it up.
I could do a nice fluffy omelet, too!

“Cristea~ the table is ready!”
“Umu. We can eat anytime.”

Kurogane and Mashiro were done with the preparations as well.
All right, all that’s left is to wait for Teacher Neil’s return.
I started working on the omelets so we could eat them right away.
Instead of a plain omelet, I decided to make a cheese omelet at everyone’s request.
I took out a frying pan and fresh eggs from my inventory, cracked the eggs into a bowl, mixed them with a whisk, and strained the egg mixture through a colander to get rid of the chalaza and to make the egg mixture finer.
It was hard to strain enough egg liquid for the number of people, so of course I had received help with that.
After preparing a wet dish towel by my side, I turned on the magic stove, and when the butter in the hot frying pan had melted, I poured in the right amount of egg mixture at once.
Then I shook the pan and kept mixing with a spatula until the mixture resembled half-boiled, finely scrambled eggs, and placed the frying pan on top of the wet towel to slightly lower the pan’s temperature.
Then, I quickly added in the cheese, carefully scraped the edges of the egg, and folded the egg from the front to the center while tilting the pan. Once the whole thing was folded I turned it around and put the pan on high heat to harden the folded side and… voila! It was finished!
As the omelet glided across the pan and onto the plate, everyone applauded while letting out “Ohh~!” voices of admiration.
… It was a little embarrassing.

I quickly stored the omelets in my inventory and had everyone except Mira and Suzaku-sama leave the kitchen. I was using fire, and it was hard to relax when being watched.
Suzaku-sama stayed by my side as a safety precaution, since fire was her thing.
Perhaps it was because she had been watching how I was doing it for a long time, but she was able to take over the cooking halfway in, which was a big help. My hands would get tired if I had to make enough for all of us at once.
The omelets that Suzaku-sama made were very well done, even though she only learned by observation.
I was a little relieved to see that she can make a decent dish once I teach her how to do it, probably because her basic specs were so high to begin with… After that, it’s just a matter of getting the seasoning right.
I will remember that when she’s helping the next time.
Sei and the four divine beasts are not able to make a decent meal for themselves because all of their cooking abilities are devastating. I’m especially sure of it after hearing about the poisoning incident in the past.
With a burning sense of duty, I promised myself that they would be able to do at least the bare minimum.

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