Chapter 437.2

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Let’s enjoy our meal.
After the meal, I asked Miria to make us tea, which we decided to enjoy in the lounge.

“Dear me, I really do apologize…”

Teacher Neil sipped on the tea while apologizing.
For many years, there were no Sacred Beast contractors around, and there were not many students who used Magic Beasts other than Teacher Neil himself, so he lived alone in the dormitory for many years.
There are always a few students who bring their Magic Beasts with them every year, but most of them are small Magic Beasts that can be only kept as pets.
Magic Beast pets are cute, but when they heard that they would be isolated in the special dormitory because of them, almost all of them refused to transfer to the special dormitory, and either returned their pets home or, if that was too difficult, left it in care at Teacher Neil’s research building in exchange for a deposit.

“Well, they are still Magic Beasts even if they are so small, so I have to explain to them individually that they can stay with them at the special dormitory… but no one ever accepts my invitation… I wonder why?”

Teacher Neil was tilting his head in puzzlement, but I can understand the feelings of my seniors.
It’s Teacher Neil, I’m fairly certain that he washed them with his overflowing love for Magic Beasts & Sacred Beasts and scared them away. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with such a person, you would try to avoid him at all costs.
In our case, returning Kurogane and Mashiro home or having them stay at the research building by themselves is out of the question. The two would secretly warp over if I had returned them home.

“It’s prohibited to bring in Magic Beasts to begin with, so isn’t their decision just fine?”

Sei tried to console Teacher Neil with that sentence. No, it’s not fine. Definitely not fine.
I have Kaguya in my room. I should report about her to Teacher Neil already.
I resolved myself.

“Umm… Teacher Neil. Actually, there’s another one in my room…”
“Eh!? Did you perhaps contract three Sacred Beasts!?”
“Shut up and listen to our Lord’s explanation.”

Since Teacher Neil was quickly approaching me, Kurogane flicked his forehead.


“Ow…!? … Ow, owow…”

Teacher Neil sunk into the sofa while covering his forehead, trying to withstand the pain. L, looks painful.

“Kurogane! Stop being so violent!”
“What, it seemed like he was about to jump you, my Lord. I only acted to protect you.”
“I would have done it, if Kurogane didn’t.”
“Geez! Mashiro, you too? It’s not like Teacher Neil is trying to harm us, right?”

I have to scold Kurogane and Mashiro properly.

“No, Missy. There are many people who can instantaneously become your enemy after getting closer to you. Eliminating anyone that approaches you with wicked thoughts is something like our instinct, so you cannot blame Kurogane for his actions.”
“That’s correct. There’s no problem as it ended with just that. Those who approach you with ill intentions are at fault.”

Even if you tell me that… if I don’t change their perception, my loneliness is likely to accelerate, so I have to warn them properly.

“I, is that so… Miss Cristea, I’m sorry for startling you. So, you said there’s another one…?”

Teacher Neil, who had survived the pain, seemed to be unable to control his curiosity about the new being and inquired timidly.
Teacher Neil’s feelings about Magic Beasts and Sacred Beasts are as persistent as zombies…

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