Chapter 164

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It’s the long-awaited meal!
The midday was approaching, so I hastily finished shopping at the Baste Company and it was currently, as Byakko-sama called it, a souvenir meal time.

“Today’s menu seems fall-ish.”

This time’s menu is chestnut and Mukago Takikomi Gohan. I would like to make Okowa if I had Glutinous rice, but… when I said so, I was told that Yahatul’s rice harvesting will soon finish and that they will also order a shipment of Glutinous rice and send it to Doristan! Alright! I will be able to eat New Year’s mochi! I will have to order a mortar and pestle from Galvano Ojisama… stealthily.

Then, there’s a miso soup with plenty of mushrooms. The present mushroom season is a happy occasion.
The main dish is the dried fish I just made.
Although only a little, I have dried Barracuda which is also delicious, but it was even better when I tasted it this morning as it was quite greasy… Therefore, I baked it for Sei and others.
It turned entirely brown in color after that, so I garnished it with greens and tsukemono.

Suzaku-sama has ended up muttering sorrowfully “Chawanmushi is…?”, but be at ease. I have Chawanmushi too, you know?
This time, it’s a seafood version with prawns and crab meat. There’s plenty of red bean paste on top, so don’t scald yourself, okay?

“Now, eat up?”

When I prompted them after I finished the arrangements, it was as if I was waiting for this! resounded in everyone as they vigorously started eating.

Ah… Suzaku-sama, the piping hot Chawanmushi…! Eh? You are fine with hot things? I see. You are Suzaku-sama after all. And naturally, she became intoxicated with a single mouthful… seriously, Suzaku-sama’s waan and aah… I feel frightened of myself since I have completely gotten used to her moaning food reportage.

At the same time, Byakko-sama seemed to be hiding his Chawanmushi from Suzaku-sama… I see, he’s sensitive to heat, huh.

Seiryou-sama and Genbu-sama started with the Barracuda… n? The portion Seiryou-sama is cutting at the moment is Genbu-sama’s portion…? Y, you are quite caring, aren’t you…? Eh? He won’t eat unless you do that because it’s too bothersome for him? … That’s excessive care!

Mashiro and Kurogane are eating deliciously as usual… Ah, Byakko-sama? Are you two planning to drink? It’s only midday, you know!? Just one? … Will you really end it with just one… hey, what are you filling up that bowl for! There was a strong drinker of an uncertain frame here as well-! … Let’s make sure not to let him drink at our place… Kurogane, you better drink at home only moderately, alright!?

“Say, Cristea-sama? What of the meal of this O-Chibi-chan?”

M? I was thinking where Kaguya went, so she was stuck on Suzaku-sama’s lap, huh… no, it feels like she was restrained with magic so she wouldn’t escape…?

Come to think of it, she said something like “Oh myy♪ what an adorable O-Chibi-chan!” and snatched Kaguya from Byakko-sama a while ago, didn’t she…
Suzaku-sama didn’t really mean to bully Kaguya or anything as she merely wanted to be affectionate with her for a little, but Kaguya seems overwhelmed with the four Divine Beasts in the room. She better release her soon.

“Kaguya is in that form, so she can’t eat much. I will take care of her.”

Saying such, I took her from Suzaku-sama’s hands.

“My, can’t this child not turn into a human form?”
“Eh? Is that so? Kaguya?”

Which reminds me, I only saw her in the black cat and black leopard forms. Can she perhaps turn into a human-like Mashiro and others?

“There’s no way I could turn into one when I am supplied only with enough magical power to maintain this form!”

… Ah, I see. Of course it’s like that~

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