Chapter 168

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I won’t let you off that easily.
Byakko-sama, Suzaku-sama, just because Kaguya forgave you, don’t think that you can eat the dessert that easily, alright?

“However! I will confiscate one of your desserts. I will have Kaguya eat it. You two “friend split” the remaining one and eat up, okay?”
“Oh my? If you are feeling sorry, then I believe you should at least hand both of the desserts to Kaguya, but… Kaguya would decline that, therefore, you guys eat the remaining one “on good terms”, yes? The cause was your quarrel, that’s why “friendly” divide it and eat up?”

Putting emphasis on the “friendly” I presented them one Mont Blanc while smiling.



“… !? This is! Yummy, isn’t it!? The cream is rich… but not overpowering. I could eat as much as possible! … But, was it really all right to let me eat it?”
“It’s fine. It’s Kaguya’s right after all.”
“Yeah, don’t worry about it. They are paying for their mistake.”

Everyone was enjoying black tea and Mont Blanc while glancing at Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama.
Haa… black tea is good too, but coffee is the best to go with chestnuts, isn’t it…
Yeah, I have to look for coffee beans. Until then, I could try producing a coffee from dandelion, chicory or soybeans…

“Ah! That half is bigger! Give me that half!”
“I refuse! Seriously, all would be well if you didn’t do something so unnecessary!”
“Haa? I originally intended to give her my divine protection, so it was you who did something unnecessary!!”
“What did you sayy!?”

They have been torn about the splitting of the Mont Blanc since a while ago.
Even though I said “friendly”, huh…?

Sei looked at the two exhaustedly.

“… I’m really sorry. Both to Miss Cristea and Kaguya.”
“I am… already fine. You don’t have to worry about it.”
“If Kaguya says it’s fine, then I don’t really… Sei has it difficult too, huh…”
“… Yeah. Can you understand?”
“Yes… we both have hardships, huh…”

The two people let out deep sighs.

“… I believe we have it the most difficult though.”
“I think I have suffered the most, but…?”

It was Kurogane, Mashiro, and Kaguya who sighed while listening in to Cristea’s and Sei’s conversation.

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