Chapter 167

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I saw something rare…
“”I am truly sorry.””

… Sacred Beasts, no Divine Beasts prostrated themselves before me… too rare… that’s not it.
Even though it’s between friends in private… i, is this all right?

“Err, please raise your heads. I will be troubled if you keep apologizing to me.”

In fact, the victim of this incident was Kaguya and the damages she received was divine protection, so it’s hard to complain… it was a mixed blessing.

“But… you will take my dessert if you stay angry, right?”

Suzaku-sama looked at the desserts on the table with tears in her eyes.

This time’s dessert is my new product, Mont Blanc.
The decoration at the top is Shibukawa-ni with the Mont Blanc’s characteristic cream cap… I have requested Galvano Ojisama… to make the fresh cream squeezer and other tools for me… I wasn’t aware that Ojisama was this incredible person, so I gave requests as I pleased, but… I will have… restrain myself a bit, huh…? It’s so easy to ask for much…
But, I have already requested this and that, so what am I supposed to do…

Ha! I got off the track.
Sei declared that there will be no shares of this new Mont Blanc for Suzaku-sama and Byakko-sama as a part of their punishment.
At that time, the two with despair in their faces… crumbled down to the ground in dogeza…

“The one who decided that you won’t get the dessert was your contracted Lord and please apologize to Kaguya rather than to me. Although it might be divine protection, you have done it against her will with no chance to refuse, moreover, you even started fighting over it. This time, it ended without any issues, but depending on the circumstances, couldn’t something serious happen?”

Yes, this time, she might have ended up with a girl’s bomb body, but what if Kaguya ended up in the form of some kind of an unknown creature instead? Thinking about that, I couldn’t simply forgive them.

“… Cristea, it’s fine already. The result is okay-ish, although I might be pug-faced, I was able to transform into a human.”
“Kaguya, you… which parts of that body are pug-faced!? There’s a tremendous demand for certain parts of your body, you know!?”
“Is that what you are going to point out!? Rather, what kind of demand are you talking about!?”

Whoops, not good. I was too jealous my real thoughts surfaced…

“… Anyhow! Having Sacred Beasts prostrate before me is scary, so I am already fine!”

… I see, so that was her real intention.

“I understand. If Kaguya says so…”

Although reluctantly, I won’t pursue the matter further if Kaguya says so.

“Ohh! Thank ye!”
“Then, you have forgiven us?”

Suzaku-sama joyfully looked at Kaguya and me.

“If Kaguya has forgiven you, then I won’t say anything anymore.”

Yay! The two cheered, however…
I won’t let you off that easily, you know?

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